Monday, 28 June 2010

Back from the flood waters

It's hard to believe when you see the accompanying photos, Cockermouth's The New Bookshop is back open for business following the devastating floods that raged through the town on 19th and 20th November last year. In each of these pics you can see the shop and the aftermath. Seeing that skip full of books wasn't the saddest thing that happened - not by a long shot - but to an author, it is still very poignant.

Any way, to celebrate the reopening Catherine Hetherington, the owner of the shop, is holding an open day on Sunday 4th July 2010 and invites everyone along to joi in the celebrations. I'll be there.


Sue H said...

Enjoy the day, Matt, and I really hope it's a great success.

OH and I are planning to get to Cockermouth later this year - the brewery was still closed (post-flood) when we were last in the area in March (we went to this book launch thingy in Carlisle...;-p) - now we'll have to add a trip to the bookshop to our itinerary, too!

Matt Hilton said...

The New Bookshop has been beautifully restored and if anything is even better than before with more shelf space, room for sitting and a cafe opening soon. Well worth a visit if you get the chance. Tell them I sent you.