Sunday, 31 October 2010


For all you Jared 'RINK' Rington fans out there, he has his own fan page at Facebook, set up to strong arm me into writing a book with the big guy as the central character. If this is something you'd like to see (and there's no promises at this time) go on over there and add yourself to the list (by hitting like). While you're there, have a look at the discussions tab, and leave a discussion subject of your own - as long as it concerns Rink, Joe Hunter or any of my other creations.!/pages/We-want-a-Jared-Rink-Rington-novel/161241940557829

Das Blut Gericht (The Blood Court) coming soon

Das Blut Gericht (The Blood Court) is translated from 'Judgement and Wrath' by Stefan Rohmig, and is the second Joe Hunter thriller to be published by Heyne (Random House). It will officially be released on 9th November 2010.
For more information, take a look here:

CUT AND RUN trade paperback out today

CUT AND RUN - the fifth Joe Hunter thriller - is officially released in Canada, Australia and New Zealand today in large format trade paperback, and should be available at all major book retailers.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

To Tweet or not to Tweet

I've finally succumbed to all those that tell me I need to get on Twitter. So you can now find me on twitter MHiltonauthor or at

Would be nice to get a few followers.

There's also a tab in the sidebar here if you'd like to follow and recieve my Tweets.

Cheers all

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Me and Joe at Booksnbytes

This is a cool new page at collecting information on all of my books to date, and some excellent reviews as well. Please take a look over, where you'll also find links to where the books can be ordered from.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Myth Breaker

Dispelling the myth that all English men are too reserved and that we have no fashion sense, the grounds were set for a challenge I just could not pass on.


It got me first prize in the ugliest shirt category at the specially ordained competition during the Saturday Night Bouchercon A Go Go Disco (specially ordained that is by only me and co-English attendee Adrian Magson - the only other competitior for the grand prize).

Who needs a Shamus or Edgar or any other award when they get the Loudest Shirt Award?

Sunglasses at the ready...

P.S. I sadly had to leave the shirt behind, tucked up at the back of a drawer in my hotel room. It wouldn't have made it past customs.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Getting my bridges in a twist

This is the view I awoke to on my first morning in San Francisco for this year's Bouchercon World Mystery Conference. The view is from the Regency Club in the Hyatt Regency Hotel where the conference was held. Being a Brit, my body clock was eight hours ahead of San Francisco, so I was up and about at 4 am (after a lie-in), killing time down by the harbourside and had returned to guzzle ample cups of coffee in the breakfast lounge. While there, I watched the sun come up, and at the last moment realised I had the camera on my phone to hand. It's a stunning view, and almost identical to the one from my room's balcony.
I made a slight tit of myself when I emailed friends and told them (in my excitement) it was the Golden Gate Harbour Bridge, when in fact this is the Bay Bridge. To be honest, on subsequently seeing the GGHB during a boat trip out to Alcatraz I wasn't as impressed. The Bay Bridge wins hands down for overall beauty.

...and here's what Milo's Rambles thought of JAW

Milo over at Milo's Rambles has been a really great supporter of my Joe Hunter books since recently discovering them. He has read them slightly out of order, so has reported on both CUT AND RUN and DEAD MEN'S DUST in the past. Here's his take on the most recent book he's read in the series, JUDGEMENT and WRATH.

Thanks Milo.

What the Big Bamboozler says about JAW

Hey all,
top hard boiled, horror and noir writer Paul Brazill is no stranger to the blogosphere. He's a man who is not only a superb writer, and a top bloke but also has good taste in reading as well...ahem.

Why not take a look over at his blog for his take on Judgement and Wrath, and while there, read through the back list of Paul's awesome catalogue of work. He truly is a talented writer on the up and up and deserves world wide recognition for his writing.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

A villain Ian Fleming would be proud of

Speaking of Bouchercon, here's a great little story about it, where I also get a fab mention. Me and Ian Fleming mentioned in the same sentence - I'm honoured!

Thanks to Grit-Lit top reveiwer Myles Knapp

Karl Malden's Bobble Nose

If you'd asked me about San Francisco a wee while ago, I didn't know an awful lot about it. I grew up in the 1970s and remember a TV programme called The Streets Of San Francisco - I don't remember it well, just car chases up and down really steep, bumpy hills, a very young Michael Douglas, and Karl Malden's 'bobble nose' - that's what we called it as kids anyway - and a cool theme tune which I'm now humming to myself. I knew SF had a cool bridge over the Golden Gate Harbor, and knew that Alcatraz prison was set out in the bay. Oh, and it's in northern California and often is very misty there.That was about it though. In the past few weeks I've learned a little more in preparation for attending this year's Bouchercon World Mystery Convention which starts next Thursday 14th and runs until Sunday 17th. Oddly enough I've read a couple books set in and around SF recently - one of them Deadlock by Sean Black (which I heartily recommend) - which was purely coincidental, and I've also caught a couple of TV programmes set in the city.

I'm looking forward to visiting the west coast. My previous trips to the US have been to New York (3 times), Baltimore, Florida and Indianapolis. With the exception of the latter, they've all been on the eastern seaboard, so I'm looking forward to discovering the differences and imagine a totally different feel and culture out west.

Bouchercon is going to be fabulous this year. There are some amazing events taking place and the line up of authors attending is second to none. And yes, I'm also there. I have two panels that I'm going to be talking on, as well as being a part of the 'continuous conversation' sessions. Also - at 7.30 pm on Thursday 14th - as part of the opening ceremony I'll be signing and giving away copies of my latest book (Judgment and Wrath in the USA) completely free of charge (Thanks to my US publisher William Morrow and Co). If you're attending the conference, hurry along and get your free copy while they last. If it's anything like last year, my copies of Dead Men's Dust went like the proverbial hot cakes.

While I'm in SF I am of course going to do the trip to Alcatraz, and ride the cable car, and proibably dress in a nice colourful shirt (in-joke with a few of my friends). On my return I will do a full report, so watch out for it in a short while.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thorn In My Side

Sheila Quigley, bestselling author of the Seahills Estate crime series has started two new ventures. The first is she has taken the plunge and set up her own publishing house in order to have greater control over the publication of her books, and the second - to mark the launch of Burgess Publishing - is to release a brand new series, beginning with THORN IN MY SIDE.

Here's the description of TIMS over at Amazon, where you can also purchase the book if you wish:

"DI Mike Yorke is coming home. After three months in London, he's looking forward to being back in the north east - but he's barely off the train before he's deep into the most bizarre case of his career. A viciously flogged corpse. Children disappearing, the length of the A1. Horrific new street drugs. And buried somewhere is a deadly secret that will lead him down paths so dangerous, he will question the very fabric of society. In the first in a stunning new series set on Holy Island, an explosive secret going back to the dawn of time is unearthed by a young woman who, fearing for her life, goes on the run in the wilds of Northumbria. The fate of the world is in the hands of DI Mike Yorke, an abused clairvoyant street kid called 'Smiler', and Mike's elderly Aunt May. Everyone from the lowlifes of the London streets to the monks near Holy Island become involved in a race against time to save humanity. From the celebrated author of the Seahills Estate novels comes a BRAND NEW Series that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat."

For fans of Sheila's Seahills books, fret not, because a new book in the Lorraine Hunt series will be published early next year.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Crime Of It All opens its doors

I'd like to bring to your attention a superb new webiste dedicated to crime, mystery and thriller writers, books and all related subjects. It is very indepth with some great, probing interviews and articles by some of the best authors in the business. Why not hop on over via the link above to read an interview I did with Len Wanner - who knows, you might even learn something new about me you didn't already know.

Visit the home page at

Judgment and Wrath - The Movie

OK, I think that might have caught your attention, and sorry if I raised your expectations too high. There isn't a movie in the offing (not unless some movie maker is reading this and wishes taking on the option to film).

Over at Marshal Zeringue's top blog MY BOOK, THE MOVIE I was asked to offer my take on a dream cast if the book was translated to the big screen. Why not take a look over and see if you agree with any of the suggestions.

By the way, some people don't like to picture a specific actor, because it always impresses their image on the character when reading the book - therefore I've been sneaky and added a few alternatives to cloud the issue a little.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices, or if in fact you have someone different in mind for the various characters yourself.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ich möchte nur an meine deutschen Leser sagen Hallo

Ich möchte nur an meine deutschen Leser sagen Hallo, und da ich nicht sprechen (in Deutsch oder schreiben tun) habe ich den automatischen Übersetzer verwendet, um dies für mich zu tun. Bitte entschuldigen Sie eventuelle Fehler in der Grammatik usw.-Sie sind alles die Schuld des Programms "Übersetzung" (Scherz).

Der Knochensammler wurde aus meinem Debütroman, in englischsprachigen Ländern bekannt als Dead Men's Dust, übersetzt und wurde in Deutschland durch die wunderbare Leute bei Heyne (Random House Verlaggsgroupe) veröffentlicht, und ich hoffe, Sie genossen Joe Hunter's ersten Ausflug gegen die Harvestman, Tubal Cain.

Buch zwei, genannt Das Blut Gericht, ist zur Veröffentlichung Anfang November 2010 fällig, und ist eine Übersetzung des Buches bekannt als Gerichts und Wrath (oder Abrechnung und Zorn in den USA). In diesem Buch ist Joe durch eine trauernde Vater näherte, ihn bittet, seine Tochter, Marianne, aus den Klauen der ihr angeblich brutalen Freund, der Millionär spielen Junge Bradley Jorgenson zu retten. Es ist Joes Art von Job... aber alles nicht, wie es scheinen mag. Ein professioneller Hit-Mann, der mit dem Namen der gefallenen Engel, Dantalion, geht Jorgenson und seine jungen Freundin zu töten gesendet wurde, und es fällt unter Hunter's Aufgabe, beide aus der derangierte Killer zu schützen.

Ich hoffe wirklich, Sie genießen das Buch und werden, lassen Sie mich Ihre Meinung.


And for my English readers, this is what I said (I hope):
I would just like to say hi to my German readers, and because I do not speak (or write) in German I’ve used the automatic translator to do this for me. Please excuse any mistakes in grammar etc – they’re all the fault of the translation programme (joke).

Der Knochensammler was translated from my debut novel, known in English speaking countries as Dead Men’s Dust, and was published in Germany by those wonderful people at Heyne (Random House Verlaggsgroupe) and I hope you enjoyed Joe Hunter’s first outing against the Harvestman, Tubal Cain.

Book two, called Das Blut Gericht, is due for publication in early November 2010, and is a translation of the book known as Judgement and Wrath (or Judgment and Wrath in the USA). In this book, Joe is approached by a grieving father who asks him to rescue his daughter, Marianne, from the clutches of her allegedly brutal boyfriend, the millionaire play boy Bradley Jorgenson. It is Joe’s kind of job...but everything is not as it may seem. A professional hit man, who goes by the name of the fallen angel, Dantalion, has been sent to kill Jorgenson and his young girlfriend, and it falls under Hunter’s remit to protect both from the deranged killer.

I really hope you enjoy the book and will let me know your thoughts.


And the winner is...

Congratulations to Matthew Bull, who wins the signed large print edition of CUT AND RUN (Clipper Books). Thanks also to everyone else who entered the give away, your support and interest is much appreciated.