Thursday, 29 July 2010

CUT AND RUN Launch - update

Some people have been asking about my plans for launching book 4 in the Joe Hunter series - CUT AND RUN.

CUT AND RUN will be on general sale from Thursday 19th August, however this clashes slightly with personal plans, so any event will happen in the following week.

I'm going to be doing things slightly different this time, and though there might still be an official launch of the book (details to be confirmed) I will be conducting a local signing session at Waterstone's bookshop, Scotch Street, Carlisle, from 12.30 onwards on Saturday 4th September. So if you would like your copy personally signed or dedicated please do come along.

If you live in the north and wish a copy signed, I am also appearing at Guisborough Bookshop at 7pm on Wednesday 1st September, and at Whitby Bookshop at 7pm on Thursday 2nd September. Please do come along, books will be available for signing/dedicating, as well as a fun quiz to win a free copy (at both locations). At both these shops I will be appearing alongside top northeast crime author Sheila Quigley whose book 'Thorn In My Side' is also due for release.

Please keep an eye out here for news of the 'OFFICIAL Launch' venue in the next few days.

Global Cool Giveaways

Global Cool is an organisation whose intention is to promote books and to get people reading again. As an incentive they have been giving free copies of books to passengers on trains in London, and I'm honoured to say that one of those books was my debut novel, Dead Men's Dust.

If you'd like to read a different type interview than the usual 'where do you get your ideas from' click here:

...and if you've a few minutes to spare, please let Global Cool know what you thought of the book via the comments form (would be nice for a few of my supporters to some nice things instead of leaving reviews to those bitter/twisted types who only have negatves to say). Another incentive, people who comment earn a 5% discount on purchaeses from the Book Depository.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Contra Costa Times correspondent, and chief editor of Grit-Lit gives a run down of the recent Thrillerfest V in New York City, where he speaks very favourably of Joe Hunter's debut outing in Dead Men's Dust.

For information on more superb thriller books, particulalrly those of the gritty action type, check out Myles' site - you'll be glad you did.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Out Now - Slash and Burn

Out Today (Thursday 22nd July 2010) In the UK.

The third Joe Hunter thriller


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sneaky Peek at Blood and Ashes - Joe Hunter 5

I've been playing Cecil B. DeMille again and have come up with this promo video for the fifth Joe Hunter thriller - BLOOD AND ASHES - which should be on sale in the UK around February/March next year. This is a preview for my readers and is not to be found anywhere else on the net yet. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the book. In the meantime, remember that Slash and Burn is out tomorrow in paperback, and you've only a few weeks to wait until Cut and Run goes on general sale in hardback (August 19th to be exact), and if you're in the USA, Judgment and Wrath hits the stands in hardback on 17th August. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline for Joe Hunter fans

Monday, 19 July 2010

War Hero

When you write about an ex-special forces soldier, there's that underlying feeling that those who have lived the life might just scoff at your fictional attempts at relating a story. I've often wondered (worried?) that actual special ops soldiers might read Joe Hunter's exploits and say 'what a load of ****'.

So, it is with not a little pride and a huge and humble thanks that I tell you that a real life SAS hero, Military Medal recipient, and best-selling thriller author has read and enjoyed some of Joe Hunter's adventures. Not only that but he kindly offered a blurb - which I immediately snatched with both hands.

Said hero says:

'Matt Hilton delivers a thrill a minute. Awesome!'

Thank you, Chris Ryan

Chris joins the ranks of other authors I'm indebted to for their kind words, including in no particular order:
Christopher Reich
Simon Kernick
Peter James
Adrian Magson
Richard Hammond
I salute you all.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Who do you write like?

At the expense of sounding like a nay-sayer, I had a go at the newest trend to be going round the writing community and found it a little odd to say the least. At the website I WRITE LIKE ( ) you are asked to submit a few pragraphs of your writing, which is then analysed and then you are told which famous writer you write like. Easy as that and a little fun.

I chose the opening segments of my latest Joe Hunter book and here's the results:

First few paragraphs: You write like STEPHEN KING
Next few paragraphs: You write like DAN BROWN
New few: You write like DAVID FOSTER WALLACE

Well, what does that say about me I wonder? Maybe one of these days I'll have another go and it'll say : You write like MATT HILTON

Roll on!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hot in the City

One thing I'll take note of and remember for subsequent years is to pack for hot weather when visiting New York City in July. During my recent trip there I did the usual English thing and took with me plenty of jeans and t-shirts and a zoot suit for the ceremony. Landing at Newark airport, it was anounced that the current temperature was in excess of 90 degrees and due to get hotter over the next few days. And it did.

Thankfully the Grand Hyatt on E. 42nd Street came with tip-top A/C so it was comfortable in the hotel itself. Totally different story when you stepped outside into the blistering heat. But that wasn't what hit me most, but the intense humidity.

This is my excuse for the excessive perspiration. If I met you whilst in New York, or you noticed me across the crowded halls, I was the big Englishman with the strangely Scottish accent (apparently) and flat top hairstyle, generally mopping my overheated brow with a sopping tissue.

Believe me; the bucketloads of sweat had nothing to do with the excitement (read as anxiety) of the upcoming awards ceremony ;-)

For those of you who had to witness me in Bermuda shorts and stained shirt - I apologise.

Thrillerfest V Awards

During a gala banquet and celebration held on Saturday, July 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, the International Thriller Writers announced the winners of the 2010 Thriller Awards.

They are:

Best Hard Cover Novel:

THE NEIGHBOR, Lisa Gardner

Best Paperback Original Novel:

THE COLDEST MILE, Tom Piccirilli

Best First Novel:


Best Short Story:


Also receiving special recognition during the ThrillerFest V Awards Banquet:

Ken Follett, ThrillerMaster

in recognition of his legendary career and outstanding contributions to the thriller genre

Mark Bowden, True Thriller Award

Linda Fairstein, Silver Bullet Award

US Airways, Silver Bullet Award (Corporate)

As my reghular readers will know, I was shortlisted alongside Jamie Freveletti for the Best First Novel category so was at the ceremony alongside her to witness her win. Although I'd have liked to have won, I'm not disappointed: I'm genuinely thrilled for Jamie (who is a lovely lady and a superb writer), and not to forget that she is a stable mate of mine at William Morrow and Co (my US publisher), so it was good that we all had something to celebrate. 
I stand on my original take on the subject of awards, in that I was overjoyed to have been nominated in the first place. To then be shortlisted in the top five books far outweighed any expectations I had, so I never really expected to win. The exposure for my books, and the subsequent old and new friends and supporters I met at Thrillerfest make up for any mild disappointment I might have felt when my name wasn't announced, so, believe me, I'm a very happy man.
Congratulations to all the winners and shortlisted authors, and again a special 'Well Done' to Jamie Freveletti.

Monday, 5 July 2010

New cover for Slash and Burn

Some of my regular readers will notice that Slash and Burn sports a distinctive new cover for when it is released in mass market paperback on 22nd July 2010 (not long now for those of you who have been waiting).

You'll notice that the helicopter and stormtrooper figure are missing that adorned the hardback edition. I'd like to hear what my regular readers think. Do you prefer the topographical type covers better than the ones that depict action/adventure. I'd particularly like to hear from my female readers. Do images depicting helicopters, speedboats, fast cars etc put you off picking up a novel in the first place?

I like this new cover - enigmatic, powerful, and the colours are very vivid when seen on the printed book.

Friday, 2 July 2010

News Round Up

Here I talk to the News and Star newspaper in anticipation of attending Thrillerfest V in New York next week. My debut novel, Dead Men's Dust, has been shortlisted for the Debut Novel of 2009 Award.