Saturday, 17 July 2010

Who do you write like?

At the expense of sounding like a nay-sayer, I had a go at the newest trend to be going round the writing community and found it a little odd to say the least. At the website I WRITE LIKE ( ) you are asked to submit a few pragraphs of your writing, which is then analysed and then you are told which famous writer you write like. Easy as that and a little fun.

I chose the opening segments of my latest Joe Hunter book and here's the results:

First few paragraphs: You write like STEPHEN KING
Next few paragraphs: You write like DAN BROWN
New few: You write like DAVID FOSTER WALLACE

Well, what does that say about me I wonder? Maybe one of these days I'll have another go and it'll say : You write like MATT HILTON

Roll on!


Sue H said...

I tried that last night and it said I wrote like:
#1Harry Harrison;
#2William Gibson
#3Douglas Adams.

erm......they're all sort of Sci-fi writers aren't they? No way I'd describe my work like that! (maybe that's where I'm going wrong....)

Lee Hughes said...

I got Jack London and Dan Brown, didn't mind the first but the second was like a kick in the nads lol

S J Bradley said...
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