Thursday, 29 July 2010

CUT AND RUN Launch - update

Some people have been asking about my plans for launching book 4 in the Joe Hunter series - CUT AND RUN.

CUT AND RUN will be on general sale from Thursday 19th August, however this clashes slightly with personal plans, so any event will happen in the following week.

I'm going to be doing things slightly different this time, and though there might still be an official launch of the book (details to be confirmed) I will be conducting a local signing session at Waterstone's bookshop, Scotch Street, Carlisle, from 12.30 onwards on Saturday 4th September. So if you would like your copy personally signed or dedicated please do come along.

If you live in the north and wish a copy signed, I am also appearing at Guisborough Bookshop at 7pm on Wednesday 1st September, and at Whitby Bookshop at 7pm on Thursday 2nd September. Please do come along, books will be available for signing/dedicating, as well as a fun quiz to win a free copy (at both locations). At both these shops I will be appearing alongside top northeast crime author Sheila Quigley whose book 'Thorn In My Side' is also due for release.

Please keep an eye out here for news of the 'OFFICIAL Launch' venue in the next few days.


Sue H said...


Having twisted various limbs and extracted favours (at great personal cost, I might add!) to switch shifts around at work in order to be able to travel 'oop North' for the launch of C&R I'll now probably not be able to attend :-(

I saw your post on Monsieur Glasnost's blog about a signing on the 4th Sept - great! That's my weekend to work and there's just no way I can get out of it, null, get the picture.

So, I hope you all have fun anyway, Matt! At least I can go ahead and pre-order my copy from my local WHSmith's and enjoy Joe Hunter's newest adventure :-)

Matt Hilton said...

Sorry to upset the old applecart, Sue.

Events were out of my hands unfortunately.

Sue H said...

Never mind, Matt.

I understand the reasons and apart from a few reprisals (like putting your books to the back of the shelves!) I'll let you off. ;-p