Saturday, 30 August 2008

Interview on BBC Radio Cumbria

Yesterday I did a radio interview on BBC Radio Cumbria breakfast show. I was lucky in that Lee Child (Jack Reacher books - in case you've missed them) had pre-recorded an interview for the show and I was on live immediately afterwards. Lee is a fantastic writer - not to mention king of the thrillers at the moment - so it has done me no harm to be mentioned alongside him.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

My other sites

Hi, some of you seem to have missed some of my other sites. You can find me at:

take a look.

Writers' Forum Magazine October 2008 edition

Hi folks,
a little shameless publicity here, but i just thought I'd let you know I've a letter being published in the next Writers' Forum magazine. I also got a brief mention in the previous edition for those of you who doubt me!!! ha, ha, haaa!

Interview with BBC Radio Cumbria/Newcastle

Hi all,
just thought I'd plug the fact that I'm being interviewed live on air at 08:30 GMT on Friday 29th August 2008 by the BBC. This is going to be a tie in alonside a piece pre-recorded by Lee Child so I'm in great company. Lee's a great guy and I would advise anyone who enjoys a great thriller to pick up his Jack Reacher books. I'll let you all know how the interview went.
Best wishes

Monday, 25 August 2008

Dead Men's Dust - Curse of the Bank Holiday weekend

Hi all,
I'm awaiting the arrival of my book from the USA, but the bank holiday weekend has got in the way of a tight schedule, I guess that it will be tommorrow afternoon before I recieve the overnight package sent on Thursday last week! But it's giving me time to get on with book 3. I've no title yet, but it will be the same kind of action packed thriller as all the others.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Another hat for the writer to wear

Something i failed to mention last time was another hat that the writer must wear. He/she should also have a knowledge of the editing process and all the standard symbols used as directions to the copy editor. You can find these in The Writers and Artists Year Book (out annually from A&C Black). Anyone looking to be a published writer should look these up and try to absorb them into your knowledge banks as you are going to need them.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Copy edit of US Dead men's Dust

I've just got word that the copy edit of my MS is winging its way across the Atlantic for checking and editing by me. There is a quick turn around period and i imagine I'll be pretty busy for the next two weeks.
I've also been writing book 3, but can't get on very far for dealing with TAX and VAT and a bushel of red tape and beaurocracy - but, hey, if that's what must be done to be an author who's complaining?
Just a note for anyone wishing to be a novelist...prepare yourself for everything else involved. You have to wear many hats: business person, publicist, marketeer, spokesperson, telephonist, secretary, general dog's body...oh, and a writer. If you don't think that you are up to it, write for your own enjoyment only.
Me - I've got a great team who look after me - so I love it!!!
Keep on writing folks

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Dead Men's Dust

Hi all,
Dead Men's Dust is the first of a series of books featuring Joe Hunter. It is due for release by Hodder and Staughton in UK territories and by William Morrow and Company (Harper Collins) in US territories in June 2009, with further books in the series being released each 6 months thereafter. It is also being released in the German, Italian and Romanian languages. There will be very slight differences in the editions due to local colloquialisms, but this will not affect the books in any form. I have seen the Uk and US versions of the covers and they look fantastic. I can't wait for publication now (it'll probably seem like a long ten months), but things are beginning to feel very, very real. Please keep looking back for the ongoing adventures of a first time novelist approaching publication.
All the very best

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

For those of you new to my writing

Hi everyone. For all of you who haven't been to my space, I was keeping a blog there, but from now on I'll be concentrating on this one. Do please keep taking a look at my space as I will update periodically but this is where you will find me mainly from now on. You can find my space at if you want to read what I've been up to until now.

In a nut shell, I have got a five book deal with Hodder and Staughton in UK territories and with William Morrow and Company (Harper Collins) in US territories. The first book, Dead men's Dust will be released across both areas in June 2009 with further books to follow every 6 months. Book 2, Judgement and Wrath will be out around December 2009.

I have written Books 1 and 2 and am well into book 3. I will be posting the covers for book 1 very soon on my website at

Hope this is enough to be getting on with
best wishes

Joe Hunter

Don’t know Joe Hunter, yet? Well, you soon will. He’s a two-fisted, gun-toting, ex-Special Forces hard man who doesn’t mess about. ‘Some people call him a vigilante. But Joe doesn’t see things that way. He prefers to be seen as someone who can help. When the full weight of the law can’t do anything, well then, that’s when he steps up. He doesn’t take the law into his own hands. Not as such, not when the law doesn’t extend to what is occasionally required.’
Here you can learn more about my forthcoming projects, my characters, my short stories, and many other things you will find interesting. Please feel free to have a look around.

My first book Dead Men's Dust is due for publication in June 2009 in UK and US territories. It is also being published in the German, Italian and Romanian languages. Further Joe Hunter thrilers will follow at 6 monthly intervals.