Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Dead Men's Dust

Hi all,
Dead Men's Dust is the first of a series of books featuring Joe Hunter. It is due for release by Hodder and Staughton in UK territories and by William Morrow and Company (Harper Collins) in US territories in June 2009, with further books in the series being released each 6 months thereafter. It is also being released in the German, Italian and Romanian languages. There will be very slight differences in the editions due to local colloquialisms, but this will not affect the books in any form. I have seen the Uk and US versions of the covers and they look fantastic. I can't wait for publication now (it'll probably seem like a long ten months), but things are beginning to feel very, very real. Please keep looking back for the ongoing adventures of a first time novelist approaching publication.
All the very best

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