Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Joe Hunter

Don’t know Joe Hunter, yet? Well, you soon will. He’s a two-fisted, gun-toting, ex-Special Forces hard man who doesn’t mess about. ‘Some people call him a vigilante. But Joe doesn’t see things that way. He prefers to be seen as someone who can help. When the full weight of the law can’t do anything, well then, that’s when he steps up. He doesn’t take the law into his own hands. Not as such, not when the law doesn’t extend to what is occasionally required.’
Here you can learn more about my forthcoming projects, my characters, my short stories, and many other things you will find interesting. Please feel free to have a look around.

My first book Dead Men's Dust is due for publication in June 2009 in UK and US territories. It is also being published in the German, Italian and Romanian languages. Further Joe Hunter thrilers will follow at 6 monthly intervals.


Matt Hilton Author said...

It's easy to leave a comment folks. Don't be shy.

Col B said...

Joe sounds like a formidable character who should serve you well. (I still think I could take him, though!).
Can't wait for Dead Men's Dust to come out. Then I can be your No.1 fan - remember 'Misery?!'

Matt Hilton Author said...

You dirty bird!! Just don't forget that a typewriter on the head is as effective as a SIG Sauer in the right hands! Ha! Ha! Haa!