Monday, 17 September 2012

JUDGMENT and WRATH imminent in the USA

Some of my US readers might have noticed that the paperback edition of Joe Hunter 2 - Judgment and Wrath - was never made available for purchase in the USA. Well, if you've been waiting for it then the wait is almost over, because JAW will be published by William Morrow and Company in mass market paperback in a little over a week's time on 25th September.

For readers new to the series, the book fits into the time arch between 'Dead Men's Dust' and 'Slash and Burn', but can easily be read as a stand alone too. It features one of my favourite creations to date, the seriously creepy hit man called Dantalion and remains one of the most action-packed Hunter adventures.

"Former Special Forces military operative-turned-problem solver Joe Hunter is enjoying a quiet, new life in Florida when he's approached by a man who wants Hunter to bring his daughter home. Marianne, her father says, is being held by an abusive boyfriend, millionaire Bradley Jorgenson, and her rescue is imperative. But the girl Hunter discovers at Jorgenson's luxurious island residence seems happy, and her beau harmless and loving. the real problem is Dantalion.
A brilliant, sadistic psychopath—a merciless contract killer with a terrifying personal agenda—Dantalion has his sights set on the couple when he shows up at Jorgenson's mansion. Suddenly the only choice is to run, as a simple snatch-and-grab becomes a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in the Florida swamplands, a desperate battle for survival against a maniac who'll let nobody live who stands in his way . . . not even Joe Hunter."

or buy it from most good bookshops.