Thursday, 26 February 2009

More Thrillerfest blog news

As previously mentioned, I was asked to guest blog on the Thrillerfest 2009 blog. Click the link above to read what I had to say for myself.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another endorsement video for your viewing pleasure

Thrillerfest blog

Just a quickie to let you know that I've been asked to guest blog on the Thrillerfest 2009 blog on 25th February 2009. You cna get to see it by visiting or by or by clicking the above title. Why not have a look at my stuff on the debut writers' pages while you're there?

Endorsement from Peter James

Hi all,

I'm once again over the moon to hear that Peter James, bestselling author of the Roy Grace novels, has read my book Dead Men's Dust.

Peter kindly gave this quote:

"Deliciously vicious, witty and noir, Hilton is a sparkling new crime fiction talent."
For more about Peter James go to or click the title link above

Monday, 23 February 2009


Hi all,
just wanted to give another shout about an event that I'm taking part in next week.
There is a week long event taking place at Borders at Team Valley, Gateshead. On Thursday 5th March 2009 between 18.30 and 20.00 (GMT) I will be appearing alongside illustrious writers Sheila Quigley and Lee Weeks.
If you live in the north-east (or even if you don't but fancy a drive out) why don't you look in on the event and come and introduce yourself? We'd love to see you there.
Click the title above and look at 'Events' for the full Murder March details.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Endorsement video

I have deleted the endorsement video from the blogroll but it still remains on the video side bar - for some reason I seem to have lost my editing tools momentarily (since I added the video) although all my settings are correct. Anyone any idea what I've done wrong? Answers on a postcard to P.O. Box Carwillie or alternatively on the comments.

Harrogate Old Peculier Crime writing Festival - Again

News from the Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival at Harrogate. Although I was originally only attending as a 'fan', I've now been asked to host a dinner on the evening of Saturday 25th July 2009. I'm honoured and thrilled and hope that some of you out there are going to the festival and will give me a nod.

Friday, 20 February 2009

New stories at TKNC

There are a few new shorts over at Thrillers, Killer 'N' Chillers; why not hop on over there and see by clicking the title line above.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Update reference my website

Just to let you all know that I'm having some routine work done on my website
Any of you who have noticed some of the links missing, don't worry, they'll be back.

On another note, my UK publishers Hodder and Stoughton are developing a JOE HUNTER website that concentrates solely on the Joe Hunter thrillers. This will be available real soon and I'll update you all when it goes live.

For those of you who usually find yourself here via the website, you're not here, so why am I talking to you???? (Now there's a little existential thinking for you!)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New look to cover

Hi there, just thought I'd share the new look of the cover of DEAD MEN'S DUST with you - the one that features the endorsement by Richard Hammond on the front cover.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Endorsement from Adrian Magson

"Joe Hunter takes you in at the deep end... and never lets up. Breathtaking." Adrian Magson. Author of NO KISS FOR THE DEVIL.

Crime writer and all round top guy, Adrian Magson kindly gave me a blurb for my book Dead Men's Dust.

Adrian is the author of the Riley Gavin and Frank Palmer series published by Creme de la Crime publishers and has recently published his fifth in the series 'No Kiss For The Devil'.

Some of you may recognise Adrian's name from WRITING MAGAZINE and WRITERS' NEWS. Adrian writes the regular beginners slot and also a monthly feature on debut authors (watch out for me there shortly!). Adrian is a man of many talents: Taekwondo black belt, crime writer, short story writer (numerous mags including Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and also in many anthologies), comedy writer (used to write for Roy Hudd), radio drama writer, family man and all round top bloke. If you haven't checked out his Gavin and Palmer books you're missing a treat.
Why not check out Adrian's website here and discover what you've been missing:

alternatively you can click the title.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Master class with agent Luigi Bonomi

To read a master class with agent Luigi Bonomi follow the link below. As an unpublished writer (if indeed you are) looking for representation, you may find it very enlightening:

Kudos to The Wondering Mind Blog.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Borders - Murder March

A week long crime writers event is being staged at Borders Book Shop at the Team Valley store, Gateshead during the first week of March. I'm delighted to have been invited by the very succesful crime writer, Sheila Quigley, who is fast becoming the Richard and Judy of the north east. Sheila's expertise has been sought in organising this event and also to recommend a good reading list.
I am going to be attending on Thursday 5th March between 6.30 and 8 p.m. alongside the woman named as 'the female James Patterson', Lee Weeks. Lee's book, The Trafficked was/is a huge bestseller and she is going to be a big name for the future. Sheila is moderating the discussion. I am looking forward to this one. My first panel. it will be strange in that my book won't have been published by then, but it will be good to meet readers and to talk about my books. Can't wait.

For further info on the event, click the title link above and then go to Events.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Q&A at Col Bury's New Crime Fiction

Hey all,
my good friend and fellow crime writer, Col Bury, has posted a Q&A with me over at his blog. Why not take a look, and while you're there have a look at some samples of Col's work. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

ARC's of DMD

Howdy all, the picture is of the ARC's (or ARE's) of my book Dead Men's Dust that Hodder are sending out to reviewers etc. It has a metallic look cover with very bold symbolism and looks extremely cool.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

The publicity starts in earnest

This is Sam and the gang from ILA who handle my foreign translation rights, modelling JOE HUNTER T-shirts and the advanced reader editions of Dead men's Dust. I think that they look great.

Page proofs for Judgement and Wrath

Hi all, just to let you all know that I've just received back the UK page proofs for JUDGEMENT AND WRATH - the second Joe Hunter thriller - so next step is printing. I have a release date (via Fantastic Fiction) of October 2009 for the hardback of book 2.

Book 3 - SLASH AND BURN - is in the final stages - yes, the dreaded 4x4x4 - but I think now that it is up to scratch, and I'm also about 30,000 words in to the rough draft of book 4 - WIP title A RIGHTEOUS WIND.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Library mention

This is a mention a US edition of my book got at

Hilton, Matt. Dead Men’s Dust. Morrow. Jun. 2009. 352p. ISBN 0-06-171714-7. $24.95.Former CIA agent Joe Hunter is one tough guy—which comes in handy when his brother goes missing, on the run from the killer from whom he rather unwisely stole a knife. Former British detective Hilton has already done well with this debut back home, where he created a stir by selling the first five books in the series along with a clutch of foreign rights.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Press release

I've just seen the press release that my UK publishers (Hodder and Stoughton) are sending out to thriller reviewers on the national newspapers, literary editors, crime & thriller website editors and to men's magazines for my first book: Dead Men's Dust.
The release looks fantastic and is a great read - even if I say so myself. It is just another one of those thrilling moments as I approach publication, and has sent a tingle of anticipation racing up my spine.
Can't wait to hear the feedback - good (Yippee!) or bad (Boo!)

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New title for TKNC

Having 'googled' thrills kills 'n' chills I came across another website with a very similar title, so to avoid confusion (or copyright infringement) I have changed the title to THRILLERS, KILLERS 'N' CHILLERS. Other than this there is no change and all the links still work the same. still remains active and will take you there.

I'm sure everyone understands.

Now get over there and read some great unpublished crime, thriller, mystery and horror shorts and flash fiction.

Borders Team Valley 5th march

Details are a little sketchy as I write, but I have been asked to attend a panel at Borders Bookstore, Team Valley in the north-east of England for an event called MURDER MARCH. This will be on the evening of March 5th 2009, and I will be in the great company of Sheila Quigley (The Seahills mysteries) and Lee Weeks (Trafficked). More details to follow.

Crimefest Bristol 14-17 May 2009 - Panel announcements

I'm pretty excited having received announcement of the panels that I will be sitting on at Crimefest in Bristol.

Quite appropriately I am on a debut authors panel named PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET - alongside other new names such as Alison Bruce, Steven Hague, M.R.Hall, and jenni Mills, with Aly Monroe moderating. This will be taking place at 09.30 on Sunday 17th May 2009.

I am thrilled to be on the panel above, but more than that I'm also sitting on another panel called BORN TO KILL and this concerns where a character is special-forces trained. On this panel I am up alongside some greats including Adrian Magson, E.V. Seymour and Zoe Sharp, all writers who are respected international 'big name' writers. Ruth Dudley Edwards is the moderator for this one, which takes place at 12.00 on Friday 15th May.

If you have missed any of these awesome writers, just put their names into your search engine and see what comes up. I guarantee that you will be as thrilled as I am.
Alternatively, click the title line above to go to the Crimefest website where you can see all the participating writers etc with links to their websites.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More Thrills kills 'n' chills - leaning heavily on the chills this time.

Over at TK'N'C I've added a couple more stories - Introducing Gemma Nye by Jim Hilton and Smoke and Mirrors by myself. They are old style Tales of Terror type horror stories for your pleasure. Next time round we will be getting back to the crime/thriller/mystery stuff. Enjoy!

Monday, 2 February 2009

TK'N'C - more great stuff for your reading pleasure

Over at Thrills, Kills 'N' Chills we have a couple of new stories from Col Bury. Why not check them out while you are here. Just click on the title link above. Previous stories are archived for January including stories and flash fiction by Amit Dhand, Jim Hilton and yours truly.

Joe Hunter's stomping ground

Hi all,
I've been a little quiet over the last week or so, but that's because I was away from the computer on a mission to invade Joe Hunter's stomping ground over in the US of A. I visited Florida to get a real feel for the area where Joe Hunter bases himself over the next couple of books. Joe ranges far and wide, but he needs a base whilst in America and has chosen to live on the sunny Gulf Coast - a million miles away from his normally dour grey-skied northern England.
Florida was everything that I hoped for. I loved the landscape with its waterways and bearded trees which, away from the glitz of Disney, is very evocative and atmospheric. The day I arrived it turned icy - I know it surprised me as well, but got warm for most of the eight days I was there. Seventy plus, then back home to chilly England. Two days ago I was in shorts and T-shirt and now I'm up to my ankles in snow. But that's the diversity of a writer's life I guess.