Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dead Men's Dust paperback edition out tomorrow

Hi everyone, shameless Publicity time again, but, hey! I want people to read (and buy) my books.

Dead Men's Dust is released in mass market paperback tomorrow (1st October) in the UK.

The perfect gift for your husbands, dads, brothers, uncles, gramps, boyfriends - and for your wifes, mothers, sisters, aunties, girlfiends etc. And your friends, or even distant aquaintances. maybe even someone you don't know, but would like to. I think you're starting to get the message, huh?

Change of line-up. But I'll still be there.

There has been a slight change to the event I'm attending tomorrow in Oldham. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mandasue Heller sadly won't be appearing. So I will instead be with Chris Simms at the Oldham Literature Festival, at the Oldham Library and Lifelong Learning Centre, Greaves Street, Oldham, UK - 6 p.m.

Judgement and Wrath

It has been brought to my attention that Play and Amazon are both shipping Judgement and Wrath now. Those of you who can't wait for the book's official launch date of the 15th october may be in for a pleasant surprise if you pre-ordered from the above online book stores.

Plagiarism - No Thank You

Over at my sister blog at TKnC me and Col Bury take each submission on great faith and it saddened me to read this latest post bringing to my attention that the blogosphere has a plagiarist in its ranks.

I'll leave you to take a read, but say wholeheartedly that both Col and I were duped along with everyone else. The 'offender' will be deleted from TKnC's pages once our readers are given their opportunity to respond. Probably better that you do it over at the link supplied to show support for the person outing this scam than you do so here. I'm not sure that the offender reads the comments at TKnC, or if he/she does then he/she doesn't respond. My apologies to everyone who was sucked in the way we were. I stand by my original vision for TKnC, in that it is a place for genre authors to share their work. I should now amend that to say 'original work'.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

As promised...

As promised here is the link to the interview I did with Thriller Cafe

It's in Italian.

So if you don't speak Italian, here's another link for the English PDF version.

Hope you like it, learn something new and pick up the book/s.

Thanks again to Viviana Giorgi and the Thriller cafe team for featuring me and my books.

Monday, 21 September 2009

L'Inseguitore - DMD from Longanesi Italy is out in just over a week's time

For any of my readers who understands the Italian language, L'INSEGUITORE (The Follower) will be published next week on Tuesday 29th September by Longanesi. Here is the first review at Thriller Cafe a pre-eminent crime writing site in Italy. watch here also for an up and coming exclusive interview I did for Viviana Giorgi.
This is just the presentation of the book at present, a link will be available for the interview on 24th September which I'll post, and also a link to an English PDF for all you English readers.
Thanks to Guiseppe Pastore over at for keeping me up to date.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

If you loved Tubal Cain you'll equally Love Dade

I've just finished reading an exceptionally good book by fellow 'Arrowsake Alumni' Ken Bruen called 'AMERICAN SKIN'. I won't give away anything about the book, other than it has got one hell of a cool killer in the shape of Tammy Wynette fanatacist DADE. I was turned onto this book by a reviewer who pointed out that my own Tubal Cain from Dead Men's Dust was similar to Ken's psychotic creation. The reviewer was right. I loved Dade for all the same reasons that I loved Tubal Cain. If you're looking for a great read, with some of the best dialogue I've ever come across, then you could do no better than pick up American Skin.

Read and enjoy


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Query to 'that call'.

I've often been asked about the queries we make to agents/publishers and I've tried to be as honest and constructive as possible. However, I've only done the bizz a couple of times where I've had some success, so basically I'm no expert on it.
On Sara Tribble's blog I AM WRITE she reviews a book on the very subject of making your query to receiving 'that call' everyone dreams of , so if you are at the querying stage and have no idea what to do, take a look. Just click the link in the title above.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Business of Writing

I'm baaaaack!
maybe most of you didn't even notice I was gone, but I hope I've been conspicuous by my abscence since my last post. Judging by the hits on my blog it's been a busy old time while I've been off conducting the business of writing. I'm mildly chuffed: the last time I checked a couple months ago my sister blog over at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers was getting four times the hits as I was here, but then, all of a sudden, boom! I'd like to think that this rise in popularity is due to people becoming aware of my books and seeking out information etc, but I've a feeling that some of these visits have been spurred on by the success of TKnC and the great stories featured over there. Plus, there have been some great mentions in the blogosphere and a couple of neat interviews, so they've undoubtedly helped push people in this direction.

Anyway, I'm back, to let you know that I can really shake 'em down....(cue the music)

Couple of things to mention since I've been down to meet my publisher and agent et al in London this past week.

First off, the paperback edition of Dead Men's Dust is released in the UK on 1st October 2009, which as you all know is only nineteen days away. Keep an eye out for the new cover. I liked the black one that was on the hardback, but the new look cover is even better in my opinion. Keep your eyes peeled throughout London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool for an ad campaign on the back of buses, and also in select magazines etc. Also, if you visit Tesco's website there is a chance to win one of four laptop computers (details of all the above as they come in). There will be other great campaigns in other supermarkets and bookshops. At this moment in time I can't really say too much, but will reveal all as and when I'm able.

Those of you who had a go at Joe Hunter's shooting game (you can still have a go by clicking the title above and going to The Joe Hunter Vigilante website) will be pleased to know that a second chapter is on its way. The next game is a fighting game for your pleasure. So get you gloves on, limber up and get stuck in.

By the way, the same day as DMD comes out in paperback, I'll be at the Oldham Literary Festival appearing alongside bestselling author Mandasue Heller, so anyone in the north-west who wants to come along and meet me, have books signed etc, this is a great opportunity.

Then, only a fortnight later, the hardback edition of Judgement and Wrath launches in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for some cool stuff in connection with Joe Hunter's second outing too. The book launches on 15th October 2009 and will be in all good bookshops. I will be holding an official launch at 6.30 pm, Thursday 22nd October 2009 at Waterstone's in Carlisle and will be signing readers' copies for them. Anyone who buys copies of the paperback of DMD can get them signed as well.

For American readers, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the US version of JAW next spring, but there will be stores in the US ordering in copies of the UK edition if you can't wait.
I'm obviously hoping that everyone loves JAW as much as I do and find Dantalion as worthy a foe for Joe Hunter as Tubal Cain was in the first book.
Other news: For Italian readers, don't forget that L'inseguitore is released on 29th September 2009 by Longanesi (only a fortnight away).

Der Nochen Sammler will be released by Heyne in February 2010 for the german market.

Bulgarian and Romanian editions will follow shortly (no other details at time of writing).

Plus, JAW will be coming to Germany some time next year or early 2011.

I'll be attending Bouchercon in Indianapolis this year and will be on a panel talking about the readers' and authors' fascination with Serial Killers. I think I'm going to have to get back in Tubal Cain's head for a short while, I just hope they don't leave any silver wear lying around or there could be an international incident!!

Watch out for me in Leeds and York libraries where I'll be appearing alongside bestselling author Sophie Hannah (details in the sidebar Where To meet Matt).

Anyone want a few more hints about JAW or Dantalion, or indeed book three, Slash and Burn, just let me know via the comments and I'll pull something together for you.
back to the editing of book 5.
Keep on Keeping on folks

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Book 5 - first "rough" draft in the bag

I had to do a quick scan back through my entries here to see when it was I finished the draft of book 4, which as of this time is called Cut and Run (in the Uk at least) and was kind of stunned to find that I finished - and I use that term ever so lightly - book 4 on 18th June 2009.

What I neglected to say at the time, but expounded upon within the comments was that the work obviously does not end there. Edits, line edits, proof edits etc follow, but in the meantime I've knuckled down, got my butt in gear and got stuck into Joe Hunter 5. Now, I don't want to give anything away about this one yet, for two reasons, mainly I haven't shown it to my agent or editor yet. But anyway, the point is, I just tapped out the last few words of the rough draft a couple hours ago. It's only eleven weeks since I delivered book 4 for gawds sake! So why does it feel like I've been writing non-stop for ages and ages?

Here's the only answer I can come up with (actually a number of answers but they all roll into one). First, I have been here there and everywhere promoting my writing and trying to sell my first published book. Second, I've been doing interviews and articles here there and everywhere. Third, I've been up-dating all the other sites I'm a member of, including TKnC, Arrowsake Alumni, Joe Hunter's Fixers, ITW Debut Authors, CrimeSpace (you can find links to all of these on the sidebar), as well as keeping my website up to date. Fourth, I've been writing the odd short story now and again (look under Vallon Jackson over at TKnC). Fifth, I've been reading lots of books. Sixth, I've been answering lots of emails. Seventh, I've been offering advice to aspiring authors. Eighth, I've been reading an MS and supplying a blurb. Ninth, I've been doing my family-man bit. Tenth, I've been watching too many paranormal TV programmes (have I told anyone I'm in love with these programmes. Before you think I'm totally soft in the head I am an open-minded sceptic and don't believe everything I see).

In between all of the above I have managed to rattle off 95,000 words of book five. I'm not bragging, just telling you how it is. I think it feels like I've been writing this book forever because of all the other things I've been doing alongside it. Eleven weeks! Still can't get my head around that.

I have to admit to having found writing this book different. In this one I wanted to flesh Hunter out as a character more, so I have taken a different approach to writing it. 3rd person instead of 1st, so I could delve deeper into Hunter without it all sounding like a constant monologue. Don't know if this is how the book will end up, but it was very different and interesting approaching the tale from a different POV.

Then there was THE GLITCH. Now, not many people know this, but I had this huge scene all worked out as the big finale, but then I read a book by my good friend Sean Black, who had written a very similar scene in his debut novel LOCKDOWN. I won't say anything else in case you haven't read Sean's book yet, but it was a case of Oh, Drat! Or words to that effect. Purely coincidental it was, and our scenes were different enough, but I didn't want people pointing the finger of accusation at me or calling me a copy-cat. A couple of friends, namely Col Bury and Sheila Quigley, both helped me, massaged my bumps (metaphorically speaking, I may add) and put me back on track. Believe it or not, but I'm pleased now that THE GLITCH came up, because without a doubt, by rethinking my novel, I believe it is far better than originally I planned.

Footnote: even though it's not at the foot.
Some people shy away from reading books in the same genre as they're writing. I'm pleased I did, otherwise I wouldn't have known how alike the scenes both Sean and I envisioned were and would have carried on as happy as a sand boy only for people to say, Hey, ain't that similar to that Sean Black bloke's book? (try saying that five times quickly)
Footnote 2: Even though its still not at the foot.
Hey, Sean, if you read this, if mine ends up as good as Lockdown, I'll be a very happy bunny. Great book, mate.

Anyway, back to what I was blathering on with. THE GLITCH set me back, but only for a short while. I still used the scene but moved it earlier in the narrative - but with a different location and end result. This then gave me a new twist or spin or direction on the story line and off I went.

OK, so I'm meandering now.

The point of this blog, as ever, is to inform aspiring writers of the process along the way. It's not easy. You lose time, conversely time drags, you sometimes go nuts with frustration, then giddy with excitement, but it's all such a great buzz that it's all worth it.

Keep on keeping on, folks.

As ever,

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Judgement and Wrath - 1st review

I found this on the web and am assuming it's OK to post it (if the author would like it removed please say so and I will comply). This is the first independent review of Judgement and Wrath - Joe Hunter 2 - and I think it's wonderful. Thanks to Mary for the kind words.

Judgement & Wrath by Matt Hilton, Hodder & Stoughton, 9780340978245
This is the story of Joe Hunter, hired to rescue a young woman from an alleged abusive relationship. Whilst carrying out his assignment, his path crosses with a cold blooded hired assassin, Dantalion, named after one of the angels cast out of heaven. Dantalion has killed many times, and lists and numbers his victims in a book chained to his waist. When thwarted by Hunter, Dantalion becomes determined to kill him.This book grabs you from the first page and is unputdownable. The pace is relentless, with many twists and turns. It is tense and exciting, but also witty and humorous. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mary Hurding, Kirkcaldy, Scotland