Sunday, 20 September 2009

If you loved Tubal Cain you'll equally Love Dade

I've just finished reading an exceptionally good book by fellow 'Arrowsake Alumni' Ken Bruen called 'AMERICAN SKIN'. I won't give away anything about the book, other than it has got one hell of a cool killer in the shape of Tammy Wynette fanatacist DADE. I was turned onto this book by a reviewer who pointed out that my own Tubal Cain from Dead Men's Dust was similar to Ken's psychotic creation. The reviewer was right. I loved Dade for all the same reasons that I loved Tubal Cain. If you're looking for a great read, with some of the best dialogue I've ever come across, then you could do no better than pick up American Skin.

Read and enjoy



Georgette Grig said...

Hi, I'm Viviana
AmericanSkin has been one of my fave reads last year, an amazing novel. Talking about first/third person, american/english authors, american settings....
I asked Mr Bruen if he was thinking of writing a sequel (the novel is not complete, is it?), and so replied he:
Yes, there will be a sequel to Skin, titled
Behind enemy lines

I really hope he keeps his word.
Viviana Giorgi

Matt Hilton said...

Me too, Viviana. And thanks for commenting as you promised.

Paul Brazill said...

Sounds great. I've only read one of Mr B's short stories so far-but it was bloody good.