Monday, 21 September 2009

L'Inseguitore - DMD from Longanesi Italy is out in just over a week's time

For any of my readers who understands the Italian language, L'INSEGUITORE (The Follower) will be published next week on Tuesday 29th September by Longanesi. Here is the first review at Thriller Cafe a pre-eminent crime writing site in Italy. watch here also for an up and coming exclusive interview I did for Viviana Giorgi.
This is just the presentation of the book at present, a link will be available for the interview on 24th September which I'll post, and also a link to an English PDF for all you English readers.
Thanks to Guiseppe Pastore over at for keeping me up to date.


Mr. CanĂ  said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, I'm Giuseppe Pastore, the webmaster of
Thank you for the link, but it's not the interview: it's a presentation of your book ;-)

The interview will be online in italian at this link: Intervista a Matt Hilton
(available from 24th September)

and in English in pdf (Interview with Matt Hilton)

It will be great for me, and Viviana too, if you could link even those pages (if you want)...

Thanks, and best regards,

Matt Hilton said...

I most certainly will. Thanks very much for the links Giuseppe, and for featuring my book and interview.
I'll link them from the 24th.