Thursday, 3 September 2009

Judgement and Wrath - 1st review

I found this on the web and am assuming it's OK to post it (if the author would like it removed please say so and I will comply). This is the first independent review of Judgement and Wrath - Joe Hunter 2 - and I think it's wonderful. Thanks to Mary for the kind words.

Judgement & Wrath by Matt Hilton, Hodder & Stoughton, 9780340978245
This is the story of Joe Hunter, hired to rescue a young woman from an alleged abusive relationship. Whilst carrying out his assignment, his path crosses with a cold blooded hired assassin, Dantalion, named after one of the angels cast out of heaven. Dantalion has killed many times, and lists and numbers his victims in a book chained to his waist. When thwarted by Hunter, Dantalion becomes determined to kill him.This book grabs you from the first page and is unputdownable. The pace is relentless, with many twists and turns. It is tense and exciting, but also witty and humorous. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Mary Hurding, Kirkcaldy, Scotland


Lee Hughes said...

Off to a great start there.

Col Bury said...

Hey, I want to read this even more now than I did before, which I didn' think was possible!

Matt Hilton said...

6 weeks and counting!!

Paul Brazill said...

Nice one.

Amit said...

Im confused - i thought it was out in October? How come its being reviewed by readers already??

Matt Hilton said...

The buyers from the chains and indie bookshops etc get advance readers copies - it's how they decide which books to stock on their shelves. A bit like movie reviewers always see them before we do.
Youve maybe heard the phrase ARC's or ARE's - so you'll know what i mean now.

Sue H said...

Maybe I shall have to cultivate "friendships" with local booksellers, just so I might be able to get my hands on pre-releases!

(or perhaps some of us could "volunteer" to do reviews.....hard, but someone's got to do it! ;-p

Matt Hilton said...

Not a bad idea, Sue.

I think if you contacted the publishing houses and offered your services they'd maybe take you up on the offer. I guess you'd need a platform to review the books on, but there are plenty online communities where this happens.
Give it a try and see what comes.
You can't beat free books.

Sue H said...

Matt - I was just joking about "volunteering" to do reviews! :-o

Do you really think they'd let us "plebs" loose with pre-released books?

.....ok, where do I have to sign......;-p