Thursday, 24 September 2009

As promised...

As promised here is the link to the interview I did with Thriller Cafe

It's in Italian.

So if you don't speak Italian, here's another link for the English PDF version.

Hope you like it, learn something new and pick up the book/s.

Thanks again to Viviana Giorgi and the Thriller cafe team for featuring me and my books.


Paul Brazill said...

Smashing interview and many thanks for the namecheck. I'm al flustered! Cheers!

Lee Hughes said...

Just read the interview and was gob-smacked at the namecheck too. Cheers Matt and great interview.

Anonymous said...

I thank you.
ANd with me Giuseppe and Thriller Café thank you.
It's been great talking to you, Matt.
It' been a bad day, today, so I'm more dumb and thick than usual: 'Ive been wondering around why Mr Brazill and Mr Hughes thanked you for namechecking. At last I got it. I beg your pardon, gentlemen. If Matt did appreciate your writing, you're reasonably free to feel a little cocky.
Looking forward J&W, I'll stick around

Paul Brazill said...

Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks folks, I don't mind doing the name check where it's so valid.
I concur, you are great writers and do deserve a much wider audience. Hopefully there's an agent or publisher out there reading this who'll look you up and snatch you into their fuzzy embrace.
Viviana, thank you very much again. It was lovely doing the interview, and hopefully we can do something again when J&W comes out in Italy.

Hey, Paul, I don't think Viviana will understand your humour. (apologies from me if you do Viviana, you have very good English - but it's just a British play on words that you may not get. Like the Americans don't get our irony.).

Anonymous said...

I admit it, I didn't. May be I did a little. And it's also thinkable that if I used conceited, the word trick didn't come.
I'll reason it out.

Nice day to you all.

Clare said...

Wonderful and revealing interview -it really is great to have these insights into the writing and publishing processes.
Vivian - that was an excellent interview - thank you.
Matt - I just love your honesty and modesty - and your blog! - thank you.

Paul Brazill said...

Sorry Vivian, just my childish sense of humour!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Clare.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, a man with a childish sense of humour is a blessing, and such a rarity! What are you sorry for?
Stay childish

Lee Hughes said...

Paul, do you cut the hole in the pockets yourself or are they tailored? I tried stitching in upside down sandwich bags, forgot to cut the top/bottom bit off though.

Col Bury said...

Really enjoyed this interview and thanks for the mention, Matt.
I did comment over there, too.

Man who goes to sleep with itchy bum...wakes up with smelly finger!

I'm a member of the childish club, too! It's great!!!

Matt Hilton said...

Man who goes to bed with problem in hand wakes up with solution on his chest - Old Chinese Proverb.

Enough already!!