Friday, 21 August 2015

Survival Horror says it all...

OUT TODAY! SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest

Includes a tale from yours truly called 'After The Red Rain Fell".

Survival horror says it all. 
Imagine Resident Evil… Silent Hill… with soldiers. 
Straining to make that one clip of rounds last. Making sure not to waste a single bullet. 
Lost in the shadows, low on ammo; only edged weapons; wounded, fighting to survive, the last remnants of the mission team trying to make sense of where they had gone wrong, and how to make it out alive with next-to-no resources. 
Survival horror, where every bullet counts. 
Featuring nearly 100,000 words of military fiction and sci-fi. 
– Jeremy Robinson & Kane Gilmour (Callsign: Deep Blue, Ragnarok, and Omega, all part of the phenomenal Jack Sigler/Chess Team series) 
– S.D. Perry (has written extensively in the universes of Star Trek, Aliens, and Resident Evil, among others) 
– Weston Ochse (SEAL Team 666 and Grunt Life/Grunt Traitor) 
– Matt Hilton (author of the high-octane Joe Hunter thriller series) 
Plus another six established and emerging writers. 

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Badlands – S.D. Perry 
Of Storms and Flame – Tim Marquitz & J. M. Martin 
In Vaulted Halls Entombed – Alan Baxter 
They Own the Night – B. Michael Radburn 
Fallen Lion – Jack Hanson 
Sucker of Souls – Kirsten Cross 
Cold War Gothic II: The Bohemian Grove – Weston Ochse 
After the Red Rain Fell – Matt Hilton 
The Slog – Neal F. Litherland 
Show of Force – Jeremy Robinson & Kane Gilmour 

“Of the four volumes thus far, Survival of the Fittest is arguably the 
most cohesive, certainly the most enjoyable for me to read. Every story 
was well-chosen; every author represented by solid, engaging storytelling, 
and every conclusion (even to those stories that are part of 
continuing narratives) inevitable and, at the same time, wonderfully 
—Dr Michael R. Collings 

“Very enjoyable and well worth reading.” 

“This anthology takes what’s expected from the genre and turns it 
into the strangest, most bad-ass mix of military horror stories in the 
best way possible.” 
—Horror Review