Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Business of Writing

I'm baaaaack!
maybe most of you didn't even notice I was gone, but I hope I've been conspicuous by my abscence since my last post. Judging by the hits on my blog it's been a busy old time while I've been off conducting the business of writing. I'm mildly chuffed: the last time I checked a couple months ago my sister blog over at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers was getting four times the hits as I was here, but then, all of a sudden, boom! I'd like to think that this rise in popularity is due to people becoming aware of my books and seeking out information etc, but I've a feeling that some of these visits have been spurred on by the success of TKnC and the great stories featured over there. Plus, there have been some great mentions in the blogosphere and a couple of neat interviews, so they've undoubtedly helped push people in this direction.

Anyway, I'm back, to let you know that I can really shake 'em down....(cue the music)

Couple of things to mention since I've been down to meet my publisher and agent et al in London this past week.

First off, the paperback edition of Dead Men's Dust is released in the UK on 1st October 2009, which as you all know is only nineteen days away. Keep an eye out for the new cover. I liked the black one that was on the hardback, but the new look cover is even better in my opinion. Keep your eyes peeled throughout London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool for an ad campaign on the back of buses, and also in select magazines etc. Also, if you visit Tesco's website there is a chance to win one of four laptop computers (details of all the above as they come in). There will be other great campaigns in other supermarkets and bookshops. At this moment in time I can't really say too much, but will reveal all as and when I'm able.

Those of you who had a go at Joe Hunter's shooting game (you can still have a go by clicking the title above and going to The Joe Hunter Vigilante website) will be pleased to know that a second chapter is on its way. The next game is a fighting game for your pleasure. So get you gloves on, limber up and get stuck in.

By the way, the same day as DMD comes out in paperback, I'll be at the Oldham Literary Festival appearing alongside bestselling author Mandasue Heller, so anyone in the north-west who wants to come along and meet me, have books signed etc, this is a great opportunity.

Then, only a fortnight later, the hardback edition of Judgement and Wrath launches in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for some cool stuff in connection with Joe Hunter's second outing too. The book launches on 15th October 2009 and will be in all good bookshops. I will be holding an official launch at 6.30 pm, Thursday 22nd October 2009 at Waterstone's in Carlisle and will be signing readers' copies for them. Anyone who buys copies of the paperback of DMD can get them signed as well.

For American readers, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the US version of JAW next spring, but there will be stores in the US ordering in copies of the UK edition if you can't wait.
I'm obviously hoping that everyone loves JAW as much as I do and find Dantalion as worthy a foe for Joe Hunter as Tubal Cain was in the first book.
Other news: For Italian readers, don't forget that L'inseguitore is released on 29th September 2009 by Longanesi (only a fortnight away).

Der Nochen Sammler will be released by Heyne in February 2010 for the german market.

Bulgarian and Romanian editions will follow shortly (no other details at time of writing).

Plus, JAW will be coming to Germany some time next year or early 2011.

I'll be attending Bouchercon in Indianapolis this year and will be on a panel talking about the readers' and authors' fascination with Serial Killers. I think I'm going to have to get back in Tubal Cain's head for a short while, I just hope they don't leave any silver wear lying around or there could be an international incident!!

Watch out for me in Leeds and York libraries where I'll be appearing alongside bestselling author Sophie Hannah (details in the sidebar Where To meet Matt).

Anyone want a few more hints about JAW or Dantalion, or indeed book three, Slash and Burn, just let me know via the comments and I'll pull something together for you.
back to the editing of book 5.
Keep on Keeping on folks


Paul Brazill said...

Looking forward to JAW. Any plans for Polish translations of DMD?

Matt Hilton said...

I'd obviously love for translations in every country, but my agents are still working on it. Apparently most countries hold back until they see the success of a book in the originating country before jumping in. Would love a polish translation, even if only for the number of polish speaking people in the UK. I think that they're an untapped readership up until now.

Clare said...

Wow, that's a really insightful post on the great big marketing machine behind you. Matt Hilton goes international! :)

Did you realise, when you put all that effort into writing your books, that the hard work wasn't at an end when you finished the book? You seem to be scarily busy promoting as well as writing - do you enjoy both activities equally or is your heart in your writing?

I love reading these posts but I always feel exhausted by the end of them....and I didn't realise October was so near!

Don't forget to take some time out and enjoy your well-earned success! :)

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Clare,
never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect anything like this. I was confident that somewhere down the line I'd get a deal. But maybe for one book for a couple of grand and a 'let's see how it does' promise. To have the support of Hodder and William Morrow etc behind me is amazing, but, yes, very daunting. I'm a writer and I love to write, but these days I have to be a marketeer as well. I think you have to be these days to make a success of your work. Things like this blog, TKnC, my website etc have helped immensely to spread the word, but you're right, it's a lot of work that pulls me from my fiction writing. The good thing about it is that I've met so many great people and supporters though. I enjoy some of the publicity stuff, but I'm not the most 'out there' show man so always feel a little uncomfortable - and probably too humble about it all.
I made myself a promise, though, that I'll do everything (reasonable and lawful, that is) to spread the word.

Clare said...

Thanks for your response Matt - I do always come back and read your responses even if I don't always respond to them! :)

I agree humility isn't probably the greatest marketing tool but I suspect in your case that it has probably earned you more readers than you might otherwise have had.

I doubt I would have read your book or been following your blog if you hadn't come across like the genuine guy you appear to be - and no ammount of flash advertising (particularly given that it is substantially, and understandably, male-oriented) would have persuaded me otherwise.

That said, you could be as humble as you like but if I didn't like your writing, I wouldn't read it!

So, a good writer and humble with it - a winning formula as far as I'm concerned. (And I bet I'm not alone!)

Matt Hilton said...

Aaw, Shucks!