Monday, 2 February 2009

Joe Hunter's stomping ground

Hi all,
I've been a little quiet over the last week or so, but that's because I was away from the computer on a mission to invade Joe Hunter's stomping ground over in the US of A. I visited Florida to get a real feel for the area where Joe Hunter bases himself over the next couple of books. Joe ranges far and wide, but he needs a base whilst in America and has chosen to live on the sunny Gulf Coast - a million miles away from his normally dour grey-skied northern England.
Florida was everything that I hoped for. I loved the landscape with its waterways and bearded trees which, away from the glitz of Disney, is very evocative and atmospheric. The day I arrived it turned icy - I know it surprised me as well, but got warm for most of the eight days I was there. Seventy plus, then back home to chilly England. Two days ago I was in shorts and T-shirt and now I'm up to my ankles in snow. But that's the diversity of a writer's life I guess.

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