Sunday, 15 February 2009

Master class with agent Luigi Bonomi

To read a master class with agent Luigi Bonomi follow the link below. As an unpublished writer (if indeed you are) looking for representation, you may find it very enlightening:

Kudos to The Wondering Mind Blog.


Col Bury said...

Cheers, Matt.
I've just had a nosey. Very insightful. Crime is overcrowded apparently: hope there's room for me!

R1X said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the linkage and good luck with the book launch.

Nice to read your interview on Col's blog - gonna link to that myself :)

Amit said...

1) Having read this it makes your achievement all the more impressive!
2) Also quite possibly the most depressing set of statistics ive ever read! Regarding the ppl who sold only 18 books....dont they have family and friends!! I think i'd be buying more copies than that myself!!!
3) What the article didnt say need a whole lotta luck thrown in as well!!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to you all, and hello to R1X. Yeah, statistics are very tough (I laughed at the 18 figure myself but that's what comes of averages, I guess). It makes me all the more thankful that I was picked up by Luigi. It also goes a long way to explain all the work I had to do to prove myself before being signed up. I'm very grateful to Luigi for taking me on-board when he could have just gone the route and took on a name. You're right about the luck, Amit.
Col, crime is overcrowded but it is also selling like hot cakes. Don't let that comment put you off. Sneaky tip from me - I call my stuff 'crime thrillers' just so I can widen my prospects a little but I'm hoping it will share shelf space with 'crime' in the bookstores.

Col Bury said...

Thanks for the sneaky tip. It won't put me off as I know it can happen if you keep plugging away and I can't ever see crime 'thrillers' waning. Just hope I'm not an old wrinkly person before I get a break. What do you mean, I already am?