Monday, 25 August 2008

Dead Men's Dust - Curse of the Bank Holiday weekend

Hi all,
I'm awaiting the arrival of my book from the USA, but the bank holiday weekend has got in the way of a tight schedule, I guess that it will be tommorrow afternoon before I recieve the overnight package sent on Thursday last week! But it's giving me time to get on with book 3. I've no title yet, but it will be the same kind of action packed thriller as all the others.


Lexia said...

Hi Matt. Just got your blog address from Col B. Haven't had chance to read all your blog yet, but will make it a "thing on the to do list".
(Col B. says you are a he right or is he just trying to gain prestige for himslef ? :) )

Matt Hilton Author said...

I'm no millionaire yet, but if things go to plan I won't be short of a penny or two. I have got a 5 book deal with Hodder and 3 books deal with harper Collins US. The first book is also going out in German, Italian and Romanian.

Col B said...

Lexia, you little tinker. I wasn't as crude as that!!! Just said Matt'd got a great book deal. Chinese whispers!!!