Monday, 26 July 2010


Contra Costa Times correspondent, and chief editor of Grit-Lit gives a run down of the recent Thrillerfest V in New York City, where he speaks very favourably of Joe Hunter's debut outing in Dead Men's Dust.

For information on more superb thriller books, particulalrly those of the gritty action type, check out Myles' site - you'll be glad you did.


Lee Hughes said...

"Hunter is one of the most exciting new tough guys to come along in years."

Certainly can't complain with a review like that on Grit-Lit feller. Congrats

Lily Childs said...

That's a fantastic review Matt. You should rightly be very proud.


Col Bury said...

Nice one!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Folks, I'm chuffed.