Monday, 5 July 2010

New cover for Slash and Burn

Some of my regular readers will notice that Slash and Burn sports a distinctive new cover for when it is released in mass market paperback on 22nd July 2010 (not long now for those of you who have been waiting).

You'll notice that the helicopter and stormtrooper figure are missing that adorned the hardback edition. I'd like to hear what my regular readers think. Do you prefer the topographical type covers better than the ones that depict action/adventure. I'd particularly like to hear from my female readers. Do images depicting helicopters, speedboats, fast cars etc put you off picking up a novel in the first place?

I like this new cover - enigmatic, powerful, and the colours are very vivid when seen on the printed book.


David Barber said...

Matt, I like the original cover but, I must admit, this one with the threatening skyline is just as good. It gives an impression that there's an "explosion" of some sort on the way! Or is it just me?

I like it.

All the best, mate.

Lee Hughes said...

"I'd particularly like to hear from my female readers."

I bet you would

The whole post was just to get his Joe-ettes, Hunter-Lasses, whatever he calls them to get in touch, sly dog you!

I like it with the helicopter because it's like boom, something's going down, always is with a helichopper that's got a bloke hanging from it with a shooter.

As for the font, have you thought about using the Judge Dredd font?

Dean Crawford said...

I also prefer the original cover, but I can understand the desire for publishers to appeal to the widest possible audience. Having what looks like an SAS soldier rapelling from a helicopter with an Uzi in his hand doesn't exactly shout "Tear-jerking romantic character study..."
That said, lots of girls I know love hi-octane thrillers too.
I reckon the cover's a good compromise.

Sue H said...

I say go with the 'action' shot!
This cover (sans helicopter et al)looks a bit dreary - without much hint of the adventure and thrills to come.

If it was an 'unknown' author/title I'd be checking out the blur anyway, but I may have already passed on to a more interesting cover...

But that's just my personal view!

Sue H said...

....erm, that typo should read 'blurb' - (that's what you get for sitting in a pub at breakfast time ;-p)

Col Bury said...

Ooo - I'd definitely buy it!
Lots of love,