Monday, 19 July 2010

War Hero

When you write about an ex-special forces soldier, there's that underlying feeling that those who have lived the life might just scoff at your fictional attempts at relating a story. I've often wondered (worried?) that actual special ops soldiers might read Joe Hunter's exploits and say 'what a load of ****'.

So, it is with not a little pride and a huge and humble thanks that I tell you that a real life SAS hero, Military Medal recipient, and best-selling thriller author has read and enjoyed some of Joe Hunter's adventures. Not only that but he kindly offered a blurb - which I immediately snatched with both hands.

Said hero says:

'Matt Hilton delivers a thrill a minute. Awesome!'

Thank you, Chris Ryan

Chris joins the ranks of other authors I'm indebted to for their kind words, including in no particular order:
Christopher Reich
Simon Kernick
Peter James
Adrian Magson
Richard Hammond
I salute you all.


Col Bury said...

Top praise indeed, Matt. You must be doing something right.
Nice one, bud.

Sue H said...

....Ok, how much did you pay him?

Nah, seriously Matt, that's quite a cachet to have have Mr Ryan's seal of approval! Well Done!

Crybbe666 said...

That is a classy list, Matt. Can't wait for the new Joe Hunter down here in Oz.

Dean Crawford said...

Most impressive Matt, well done! It's not often that someone of SAS calibre gives their seal of approval!

Just pray that Mr Ryan doesn't take things further and invite you down to Wales to join him on the 'Fan-Dance'....

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks folks.

Cut and Run should be out in trade paperback in Oz much the same time as it comes out here in paperback (mid-August time).

For those of you wondering about the Fan-Dance...It's a 24 km tab over Pen-Y-Fan in the brecon beacon mountains (and back over again) carrying a 40 lb backpack, rifle and waterbottle.

Once I'd have loved to have had a go. But with my dodgy knee? ... Eek!

Matt Hilton said...

Sorry, to avoid confusion, Cut and Run comes out in HARDBACK in the UK in mid-August. (not paperback as I slipped up with in my previous comment).