Monday, 4 October 2010

Judgment and Wrath - The Movie

OK, I think that might have caught your attention, and sorry if I raised your expectations too high. There isn't a movie in the offing (not unless some movie maker is reading this and wishes taking on the option to film).

Over at Marshal Zeringue's top blog MY BOOK, THE MOVIE I was asked to offer my take on a dream cast if the book was translated to the big screen. Why not take a look over and see if you agree with any of the suggestions.

By the way, some people don't like to picture a specific actor, because it always impresses their image on the character when reading the book - therefore I've been sneaky and added a few alternatives to cloud the issue a little.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices, or if in fact you have someone different in mind for the various characters yourself.


Lee Hughes said...

The Rock????????????? Captain eyebrow?????????? You sure? think he's busy making The Mummy 12: Revenge of the Eyebrow Man

I'll agree with you on Jake Busey.

Anna Paquin, yup, but only if you add a topless scene and wrangle me a way to be on set and watch, cracking norks onboard her.

Sean Bean or preferably Gerard Butler as Hunter, both would be believable as the man with the plan.

DeAndre Robinson said...

I think all your choice for Joe are great but I'd really dig Clive Owen as Joe Hunter. Thats whose voice I've been hearing when I read the last three books.

Jake Busey is excellent casting.

I'm a huge Rock fan but I just don't see him as Rink.