Saturday, 9 October 2010

A villain Ian Fleming would be proud of

Speaking of Bouchercon, here's a great little story about it, where I also get a fab mention. Me and Ian Fleming mentioned in the same sentence - I'm honoured!

Thanks to Grit-Lit top reveiwer Myles Knapp


Lee Hughes said...
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Lee Hughes said...

Matt, can't visit the link, it keeps coming up, both in Firefox and Chrome as an untrusted site, the same thing happened when you had GritLit linked on the site. So I figured throw caution to the wind and continued lol, and the link leads nowhere. But must be great to hear your name in the same sentence as Ian Fleming, gratz.

Matt Hilton said...

The links work from my end.
Maybe some sort of glitch that your security is kicking out, Lee.

These links go to a national newspaper as opposed to the Grit-Lit site itself. I'll look into it and see what I can do.
Thanks for the head's up, Lee.

Col Bury said...

A 'fab mention' indeed, bud.
Linked up, no probs.

David Barber said...

Late as usual. Same problem as Lee so can't read it but hey, what a mention. It's only what you deserve, mate. Nice one.