Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thorn In My Side

Sheila Quigley, bestselling author of the Seahills Estate crime series has started two new ventures. The first is she has taken the plunge and set up her own publishing house in order to have greater control over the publication of her books, and the second - to mark the launch of Burgess Publishing - is to release a brand new series, beginning with THORN IN MY SIDE.

Here's the description of TIMS over at Amazon, where you can also purchase the book if you wish:

"DI Mike Yorke is coming home. After three months in London, he's looking forward to being back in the north east - but he's barely off the train before he's deep into the most bizarre case of his career. A viciously flogged corpse. Children disappearing, the length of the A1. Horrific new street drugs. And buried somewhere is a deadly secret that will lead him down paths so dangerous, he will question the very fabric of society. In the first in a stunning new series set on Holy Island, an explosive secret going back to the dawn of time is unearthed by a young woman who, fearing for her life, goes on the run in the wilds of Northumbria. The fate of the world is in the hands of DI Mike Yorke, an abused clairvoyant street kid called 'Smiler', and Mike's elderly Aunt May. Everyone from the lowlifes of the London streets to the monks near Holy Island become involved in a race against time to save humanity. From the celebrated author of the Seahills Estate novels comes a BRAND NEW Series that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat."

For fans of Sheila's Seahills books, fret not, because a new book in the Lorraine Hunt series will be published early next year.


Paul D. Brazill said...

Good luck to Sheila!

David Barber said...

The very best of luck to her.

Col Bury said...

'Her own publishing house'! Go Sheila, go.
(Think it may be called 'Burgess Books' though, Matt.)