Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rink in the flesh?

Is this really Rink kicking butt?

Could very well be.

It isn't actually, it's Chinese Herculese, but I saw him and thought of the big buy. Looks like he just caught the bloodied up dude frog gigging in  that waterfall behind them. And you know what Rink thinks of frog-giggers!!


David Barber said...

Good call Matt. I've been thinking who could play Rink and for the life of me I can't picture anyone who could play him. Although, with a touch of eye surgery, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson may be able to pull it off. :-)

Sue H said...

OOOO Nooo! Not at all as I picture Rink. I don't think of him as quite so musclebound - I see him with longer hair in a ponytail and for some reason, a Zapata-style moustache (I expect it's what went through my mind when I first read of him in DMD)

David - The Rock? with eye surgery? Sounds a little like Steven Segal..?

David Barber said...

Sue, Steven Segal? No, no, no. I'm not a fan of celebs becoming film stars but watch a film called Teh Gridiron Gang. He's (The Rock) actually pretty good in it. I was actually going more for his size, with my tongue stuck firmly in my cheek.

Lee Hughes said...

I'd cast the bloke from Crying Freeman. He's not Arnie but you can just tell he can cause some violence.

Matt Hilton said...

I've thought about the rock, and yes, he's got the look and the build - he'd just need some hair.

Steven Seagal - maybe fifteen years ago.

Mark Dacascos - yeah, he can lay down the mean, but he's about a foot too short unfortunately. Then again CGI wizardry could do the do.

Rink's 'tache. I originally had him shave it off in DMD after looking in a mirror and seeing himself. Here's how the deleted scene went:

“When I walked in here and saw Ron Jeremy staring back at me outa this here mirror, I knew it was time for the damn thing to go.”
I snorted in good humour. “Told you that you looked like a nineteen-seventies porn star. You just wouldn’t have it.”
Rink gave me a huge grin, his mouth full of brilliant white, tusky teeth. “So what do you think now?”
“A twenty-first century porn star,” I told him.

But...my publisher made me cut it.

The 'tache is history now. Rink is too self-conscious to have it now, and we know how touchy he can get about his dashing good looks.

Glaznost said...

I think that no matter who you wanted to cast, the producer would probably give the role to Danny Trejo and say "yeah, but Japanese-American and Mexican are kinda similar... And never mind the age difference, Trejo has presence, man".

And then you would murderise him with death and they'd have to find another producer.

But seriously, i don't think i've actually seen an actor yet who captures rink perfectly for me. If i do i'll point him out, sharpish like...

Matt Hilton said...

Mucho appreciatto

I'm with you, I can't think of anyone either. Apart from 'Billy' the Native American guy in Predator (was he called Sonny Landham?). He is about closest to how I picture Rink in my mind's eye, but he's too old now for the part now, damn it.