Thursday, 3 June 2010

The morning after....

Due to the terrifying and tragic events occurring in my home county of Cumbria, the series of events planned at libraries under the banner of Midsummer Murders has been cancelled. To conduct a series of library talks under the circumstances would be in bad taste, and I totally agree with the decision to cancel. Therefore the planned events at Carlisle, Kendal and Cockermouth libraries will not now be taking place. My apologies to those readers planning on attending these talks, but in the circumstances I'm sure you'll all understand.

As a writer I have an obligation to entertain. I try to do that to my best ability. However, although my books feature violence and gun fights, I do not advocate these actions in real life. They should be constrained to the pages of fiction and never intrude into reality. My thoughts and sympathies go out to all the families affected by the senseless shootings that took place yesterday, as well as to the police and other emergency services who conducted a remarkable job in protecting and providing care to the people of Cumbria.


Col Bury said...

Fully understandable this cancellation, Matt.
Was thinking of you yesterday as I watched this shocking incident unfold. I bet many of your old colleagues were involved in the aftermath.
My heart goes out to the Cumbrian community, including yourself.

Matt Hilton said...

Thankfully - as I write this - I do not personally know any of the victims of Bird's shocking rampage, though I have met his solicitor (one of the victims) in a professional capacity. I watched the news with a dawning sense of horror - and yes, I spotted many of my old work mates and friends dealing with the horrifying aftermath.

David Barber said...

I've been quiet of late due to work but gave you a thought yesterday. It's another tragedy to hit Cumbria and my heart goes out to all. Dunblane is only 14 miles away from here and comparisons are being made to that and Hungerford. It's truly devastating. All the best to you, mate and condolences to all families involved.

Sue H said...

Matt - like Col, I was thinking of you when I caught up with the news last night.

Watching TV pictures of places I knew well as a child was strange with the tragedy now unfolding.

Cumbria has had a lot on it's plate recently, what with floodings and the recend bus crash, now this.

As well as all those victimes and others touched by events, I feel for Bird's family, who themselves are also victims.

Glaznost said...

Whilst horrified at what happened and thinking of the victims and their families at such a tragic time, i'm also relieved that you and yours are safe Matt.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes. I'm safe and sound, just a little shocked like everyone else. My loss is a few events, an amoeba on a gnats arse in comparison to what others have lost.But I really do appreciate all your support and thank you again.