Saturday, 12 June 2010

I've got a handful of songs to sing ya...

I've mentioned this before, and it's funny coming hot on the heels of my blog about mentoring, but as soon as news of my publishing deal hit the media, one of the first people to get in touch with me to offer her congratulations and advice, and also an insider's view of the writer's life, was fellow northerner, Sheila Quigley. Sheila is the author of the SEAHILLS series of crime books featuring detective Lorraine Hunt, who is no stranger to crime fiction readers, particularly those who like their crime to be of the gritty, inner-city variety. Sheila's books have all been bestsellers and include Every Breath You Take, Living on  a Prayer, Run For Home, and Bad Moon Rising. Most recently, the hardback of her latest book The Road To Hell was published by Tonto Books last November, and now it is the turn for the paperback release of said book.
The Road To Hell is available from all book stockists from this Thursday 17th June 2010. Sheila will be conducting a number of book signing sessions throughout the north of England, one of which will be at Waterstones, Kendal, Cumbria on the 24th July. If you're in the vicinity, why not pop in for a signed copy?

To learn more about Sheila Quigley click here:


David Barber said...

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to Sheila at your book launch. A lovely woman with advice aplenty.

Sue H said...

I didn't get to actually meet her at the S&B launch (or Mr Magson) but I've started reading Sheila's books and am well impressed!

Will you be inviting her to your next launch, Matt? And Adrian Magson too? (have been enjoying one ofhis books on CD)