Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cut And Run - The trailer


Sue H said...

Shock and awe....:-o

(sorry, if that's one of the forthcoming titles ;-p)

So, a trailer - is this intended for the big screen, or TV, I wonder?

Can't wait for August, then.

Matt Hilton said...

I'm going to nick that title and put it in my 'title folder', Sue.

BTW - sorry to burst the bubble - but it's just a homemade trailer I put together and is at Youtube. But it can't look too bad if you thought it was well-done enough for movies or TV. I like it.

Sue H said...

I'll trade you the title for a seat at your next launch!

The reason I asked about the trailer being on the big screen was because I've seen a few books advertised like that - but not for a while!

Still, surely it's just a matter of time before we see Joe Hunter larger than life. Who'd play him I wonder?

(or have we had this question before...)

Col Bury said...

It's very good, Matt, but no audio on me computer at the moment so I had to imagine what you'd chosen... Bat Out Of Hell, perhaps?

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Sue,
suggestions are always gratefully received.

As well as who would play Joe in a movie adaptation. The question has been raised before (over at the defunct forum) but I'd be happy to hear it again and for everyone to pressurize Hollywood.

Here's some suggestions for Joe:

Max Martini
Dominic West
Sean Bean
Doug Ray Scott
Clive Owen
Gerard Butler

any other ideas?

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Col,
the music score...

something spooky and foreboding rather than all guns blazing. (But there are plenty of those on the soundtrack, too).

David Barber said...

I liked that Matt and you have now cleared up a niggle I had in the back of my mind after reading the first bit of the story at the end of S&B. Looking forward to Cut & Run.

Joe Hunter actors. I'd agree with Gerard Butler and Clive Owen but I think you you could add Daniel Craig. I know he plays Bond but I think the way he plays Bond makes him a great candidate. And of course myself, but my back is dodgy at the moment. :-)

Matt Hilton said...

Hiya David,
yes, that first chapter was designed to shock...but did you really think Joe would do that?

Seeing as the new Bond movie is on indefinite hold, I guess Daniel Craig could be available, and, yes, I agree, he would do a great Joe Hunter. Anyone out there who could whisper in his ear?

Sue H said...

Hey Matt - the title suggestion (Shock and Awe) may not be up for grabs! This morning I shelved a copy of said title by David Isaak (and issued another copy 10 minutes later)

....oh well, back to the drawing board.