Monday, 28 June 2010

Crimespree Awards seeking nominations

Crimespree Magazine is opening the door to nominations for this year’s Crimespree Awards. You are invited to choose as many as five mystery/crime novels in each of three categories:

• Favorite Book of the Year

• Favorite First Book of the Year

• Best Book in an Ongoing Series

All books must have been published in 2009.

Send your nominations to  (deadline is 1st August 2010). Winners will be announced during opening night ceremonies at Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in San Francisco (October 14-17).

Now it's totally up to you, but if you want to you could always mention a certain 'Joe Hunter' fellow in your list of picks. Dead Men's Dust was a first book, and both DMD and Judgement and Wrath were both published in 2009, and they're both part of a series.
A hat tip to The Rap Sheet for bringing me the news.

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