Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dead Men's Dust - the reviews keep on coming

My regular followers are possibly bored with reading reviews of my first book by now, but any way, here's another from Jud Hanson at who enthusiastically gives DMD 5 stars.

...and I'll enthusiastically receive them.

Thanks Jud.


David Barber said...

Well Matt, you can't say fairer than that. A great review that is only deserved. Great stuff!

BTW are these new reviews coming because of the launch in America? If so, you've obviously been well received over there which is fantastic.

All the best mate.

Matt Hilton said...

Hiya David,
to coin a cliche (which is cliched in itself) yes, DMD has only recently come out in mass market paperback in the USA, so it's only now that the general populace are becoming aware of the books.
There's still a decent market for hardbacks here in the UK, whereas in the US it only tends to be collectors and libraries that pick up the hardback. I'm still pretty unknown across the pond, but hopefully things will change now. It's nice to rad some nice and enthusiastic reviews.
I'm hoping that my shortlisting for the ITW 2009 debut thriller award will help pick up the momentum as well and help push Judgment and Wrath when it comes out there in August.

Matt Hilton said...


You're probably wondering about my first sentence in the preceding post...what I meant to say was 'To coin a cliche, you've hit the nail on the head!' - but as ever my fingers were moving faster than my brain could keep up.