Tuesday, 22 June 2010

That Matt Hilton, he's such a helpful fellow

You might have noticed that I've been tinkering with my blog to make it more user friendly, and I hope you like the end result. For ease, I've added tabs at the top of the page where I'll update info as it comes in, with cover images of my books. For ease, I've seperated the various publications so that there is now an easy reference to find Joe Hunter books in the UK format (Hodder and Stoughton) or the USA one (William Morrow and Company), as well as the various foreign translations.

Oh, and there's also a page about me (like you'd find that interesting, eh?)

Seriously, I do hope you find it helpful and do keep checking the tabs as I will be adding new stuff to them on a regular basis.


Col Bury said...

Yeah, much more user-friendly, Matt. You're soooo helpful.:)

Matt Hilton said...


Cool haircut as well.


Col Bury said...

Hey, that wasn't there when I last looked. Poser!

Matt Hilton said...

I've got to keep my female fans happy, Col. All part of the service, mate ;-0

Glaznost said...

If you're keeping the femal fans happy, surely you put the wrong photo up by mistake? I can't see my likeness anywhere on the page... Nice to see you've crawled out of your hole, Col, welcome back to the land of the living!

Sue H said...

....and I daren't make ANY comment about the hair.....!

But I'm glad the blog is sorted now, Matt - explains why I kept getting messages that said "Matt Hilton doesn't exist" :-o

David Barber said...

Great re-furb, Matt. That botox works wonders, your face doesn't move at all, not even a blink! Ahhh, it's a photo.

Seriously, site looks great, and everything we need to know is all there. Looking forward to reading Cut And Run. Any dates for it's "launch"??

Best wishes, DAvid.

Lee Hughes said...

Site is looking nifty. Just read the 'About Me' page. A decent artist? Do you do commissions? Will you paint me like those French ladies??

Lily Childs said...

Very nice redesign. Clean and pro.

I'm loving the tabs and will be appropriating the code very soon. (Nah, already got it - you just beat me to it).

Mmmn... artist? So where can we view your artwork?

And I see you're off to San Fransisco!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks folks, glad you like the new look - and the blog doesn't look to shabby either LOL

Paint you like those French ladies, lee? No, I'd use a brush.

Maybe I'll post some of my work, Lily (but I'm a better wirter than an artist, so be warned!!)

And, yeah, off to San Francisco for Bouchercon in October. Should be great; my first time on the West Coast.