Sunday, 11 October 2009

USA mass market edition paperback of Dead Men's Dust

OK, so it's a bit strange having a publishing schedule that's different on both sides of the Atlantic. While we're already talking about book 2 - Judgement and Wrath - over here in the UK, I'm also gearing up for the mass market paperback release in the US for next April.

This is the cover you should all watch out for: subtly different than the one on the hardback, but striking all the same.

Wait until you see the cover for Judgment and Wrath (and yes the ommission of the 'e' in Judgement is deliberate), for the US hardback. I think it's very cool indeed and will share it with you soon.


Lee Hughes said...

Look forward to seeing the cover.

Matt Hilton said...

The US cover for JAW is awesome, even if I say so myself. I've seen it, but it hasn't been given the full stamp of approval yet, so I'm loathe to shre it until it does.