Thursday, 15 October 2009

Howdy from Indy

Howdy folks,
just thought I'd pop in from Indianapolis with a quick up-date. This years 40th World Mystery Convention is now well under way in the amazing Hyatt Regency in the heart of Indianapolis which is just about fit to burst with some huge names and talents in the crime/mystery/thriller writing scene, as well as hundreds of fans and readers. It is a superb venue, with some of those opeb glass elevators that go up the side of the building. You cant help your inner child; you just have to ride them (while pretending to have overshot your floor!)

We got in yesterday evening after 15 hours travel, and being on British time still crashed out about 10 pm - which was 3 am back home. I won't mention any names but some well-wisher from the UK phoned this morning to speak to me, so I've been up and about since 4.45 am. Oh, the vagueries of world travel.

It's been great meeting up with some old friends again, including Adrian Magson and Anne, as well as Yrsa Siggurdadottir and husband Olafur - all of whom I've become firm friends with over this past year or so. Adrian and Yrsa are both top crime writers, so if you're looking for a new read, look no further.

Any way, enough for now. A late afternoon nap beckons. Hey, I'm not as young as I once was.
Where's my cocoa?


Col Bury said...

Hey, Old timer! (Joke, put those numchuckers down!).
Got a few to post over at TKnC.
If you see Adrian, send him my regards n tell him I'm still up for the Q&A we discussed, but a broken wrist n a few deadlines got in the way!
Catch you next week no doubt.

Matt Hilton said...

I've seen Adrian already, and will undoubtedly see him again and will pass on your best regards.

Talk about numchuckers - that's me. Five hours time difference and I've become a real numb chuck!