Monday, 12 October 2009

Bouchercon World Mystery Convention is almost upon us

This is just a shout out to remind everyone that the 40th World Mystery Convention - The Bouchercon - is almost upon us. This year it is based in Indianapolis and has a magnificent line-up that not only includes Michael Connelly, but also some up-start from the UK who goes by the name of Matt Hilton


Col Bury said...

Never heard of him!
Have a great time, bud.

Matt Hilton said...

Cheers Col,
hope everything goes OK. 3 disasters this morning (OK so that's an over exaggeration). 1st I was taking the dog to the kennels and got 3 miles past the location - all the way into Carlisle - before i realised I should have turned off. Then I fill my car up with petrol which starts to pour back out - damn petrol tank sprung a leak. lastly, arrive home to find I've missed an important delivery, only to find I can't pick it up from the depot until late pm, by which time it'll be far too late. tried to rearrange delivery for the day i get back but they can't hold packages for more than four days and will therefore send it back to the sender. What a pain. Hopefully that's my three for the day and everything will run smooth from now on.
But otherwise everything's great!!

Col Bury said...

Sorry to here all that - they do say, 'it comes in three's'.
It's probably too late now, but surely you could've arranged for someone else to pick up the parcel with ID after you'd informed the depot who was coming.
Ah, well, At least your 'three' are out of the way now.