Thursday, 22 October 2009

Book Launch of Judgement and Wrath in the UK

So, here I am, getting myself geared up for the 'official' launch of Judgement and Wrath, Joe Hunter's second outing, feeling the usual on-set of stage fright and uncertainty.

The launch of Dead Men's Dust was such a roaring success with hundreds of friends, relatives and well-wishers turning up, that I can't help but feel that there's no way I could top it. It's a little odd, holding a launch a full week after the book was released (and has been on general sale for almost three weeks) so that 'I now declare this book open' moment feels slightly out of place. Still, I'm up for it, and hoping that people will turn out to join me in celebrating the launch all the same.

I'm only a couple days back from Bouchercon and still suffering the after effects of jet-lag combined with a lingering flu (don't worry, I'm no longer infectious) so please forgive me if this reads a tad desultory. I don't mean it to: I'm obviously thrilled - just moving in slow motion. rest assured, once I've had my obligatory gallon of Nescafe coffee and nicotine, I'll be ready to take on the world (as long as it doesn't come at me swinging from all angles!!).

I hope to have a couple of surprises for the event goers tonight (it's OK, I won't be doing any impromptu singing) and intend to make it a great night. There might even be a special guest or two for avid crime readers to mingle with. More on that in the after-event-report.

For anyone who wishes to come along, the event starts at 6.30 pm and is at Waterstone's, Scotch Street, Carlisle. Wine, nibbles and Me. What could deter anyone?

For those of you who spotted the self-deprecatory joke in my last comment, well done. It's what I'm famous for.

Told you I was feeling crummy.



Lee Hughes said...

Good luck with it Matt. Sure once you've got the coffee and cigs on the go you'll be raring to go.

Matt Hilton said...

Starting to come around a little bit now. Who says caffeine and nictonie are bad for you?

Matt Hilton said...

Maybe they are cause I can't spell nicotine.

David Barber said...

All the best for the 'launch'. I'm sure it will be fine and dandy. Caffeine sorts anything out, can't comment on the "nictonie" though.. :-)

Matt Hilton said...

Ha! Told you I was jet-lagged. Fingers and brain aren't quite in sync yet.