Friday, 23 October 2009

Images from Bouchercon 2009

Because I'm useless at remembering to take my camera with me, I'm indebted to Adrian Magson for the photographs he's kindly supplied of me at Bouchercon. I've also included a couple photos of some of the Indy architecture for your delectation, plus an ego-massaging pic of my book listsed in the Indy library.


Lee Hughes said...

Call yourself a Brit on tour, no bulldog T-Shirt or nuffink.

I especially like the pictures of you SeanConnery'ing the ladies, or should we refer to them as Hunterettes?

There's only one way you could make that trip sound any better, and that's by saying Hodder picked up the tab.

Lee Hughes said...

Cancel that hunterettes sounds too much like the swearing disease, Hunterbelles?

For the blokes, Hunterphiles, Hunterhonchos

Matt Hilton said...

Notice the second to last photo - that was me demonstrating the old adage that the hand is quicker than the eye!

Hunterbelles I like.

Hunterphiles maybe.

Hunterhonchos sound like a cheap maize snack!

The gauntlet is thrown - what should we call Hunter's fans?

Col Bury said...

Nice pics.

Hiltonettes - after all it's YOU they're after, Matt!
Although, that does sound like cheap digs on wheels...hmm...maybe that's where you could take 'em... to the Hiltonette!
Husky voice: 'Do you wanna come see me Hiltonette, me lovely. I have lots of treats there!'

Bloke fans: The Hunterardos
Girls: Hunterhangers!

Paul D. Brazill said...

So, that Budweiser lorry pulling up is just a coincidence, is it?

Lee said...

The man knows how to get a round in in style. "What you having a truck of?"

"Mines a lorry of Stella thanks."

"And a lorry of Stella love, ta."

David Barber said...

Hunterites covers a whole spectrum...and if they came from!
Hunterphiles sounds like they may start 'grooming' Joe Hunter, which would never work!!