Friday, 23 October 2009

Judgement and Wrath - The launch

Last night saw me officially launch Judgement and Wrath in hardback in the UK.

The event took place at Waterstone's bookshop, Scotch Street, Carlisle where i was again joined by a large group of well-wishers and new fans alike.

On my first launch more than 200 people turned up, but on that occasion many of them were extended family members, friends, old work colleagues etc, and it differed slightly this time in that those attending were 'readers' of my Joe Hunter thrillers.

It was a superb night and it ran very smoothly. I did a short talk, expalining the background of Joe Hunter and briefly introduced the new book. That was then followed by a reading from the prologue of Judgement and Wrath, choosing to cut off at a dramatic moment to keep the crowd waiting for more. It worked; my closing of the book was greeted by many aawks! and aarghs! and open mouths. Cool.

There then followed a Q&A, which soon got the crowd involved and asking questions about my books and the writing process I took from childhood to published author. Sometimes these questions can force you to recall facts from the old days that you'd forgotten about and I learned a thing or two about myself, and I'm sure that the crowd did too.

The night was then offered over to the crowd to have their copies of JAW personalised and signed. Again I had a steady stream of fans waiting patiently for their turn. It was a really nice event where I had more time to spend with each person, and can remember most of the people I spoke to this time. This was despite still suffering heavily from jet-lag and the lingering effects of flu.

Attending the event as a friend and special guest was fellow author Sheila Quigley. Sheila travelled over from the North-East to support me, and it's only apt that I reciprocate. Sheila is holding a launch party for her next book - ROAD TO HELL - 7 pm on November 5th at the Masonic hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I'll be there.

It was another succesful event, and the enthusiasm of Joe Hunter's new fans was a real buzz to experience.

Thanks to everyone that came, thanks also to those who wanted to come but couldn't, thanks also to those who couldn't come but bought the book, thanks to those who are going to buy the book...I think you get the idea, huh?


Lee Hughes said...

Glad it went smoothly for you, now you can start planning the jovialities for the launch of book 3!

Col Bury said...

Yet another success in this great success story.
Inspiring stuff, Matt.
Oh n I'm hoping to go to Sheila's launch, too.

Alan P said...

Great stuff, Matt. Thanks for giving us an insight into what goes on at Bouchercon. And at book launches of course. Look forward to J&W.

David Barber said...

Any chance of doing one up in scotland. There's a great waterstones in Perth...
Bought my copy and all the best Matt.
Regards, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Was in Waterstone's Striling yesterday. Not only didn't they have any of my books, they'd never heard of me. Luckily WHSmiths came through with both! Wouldn't mind doing Perth, David. I was born only a kick in the hips away at Blairgowrie.

Thanks you other guys too.

Sue H said...

Sorry, I haven't been able to think about reading J&W until now and I have been avoiding this page until after Nov.30th as I didn't want to risk reading anything that would spoil it.

I have been 'off the planet' doing a writing challenge (50k words in 30 days!) and there has been no time for indulgences like starting new books....!

But....after tomorrow......!!!