Friday, 30 October 2009

A Night in the Gallery

Last night I attended a library event at Leeds Art Gallery and Lecture Theatre, alongside top psychological crime writer Sophie Hannah.

The event was well attended and the audience attentive and interested, even though they thought my dulcet tones were Geordie in origin!!

The event began with a short introduction by librarian and event organiser Britta Heyworth followed by a short talk by Sophie and a reading from her newest novel 'The Other Half Lives'. Then it was my turn to do a short talk, and I read the prologue from my newest book 'Judgement and Wrath'. Loved it when people responded with AAwks and AArghs when I closed the book.

This was then followed by a Q&A session, and then through into the gallery for book signing. Borders Leeds were kindly on hand to supply copies of the books and I was very gratified when their paperback supply of Dead Men's Dust ran out quickly. For the record, I signed the copies of J&W that were left, so if you're in Leeds and want a sgined's your opportunity.

It was great meeting and speaking to some very keen readers and also aspiring authors and writers who both Sophie and I chatted with.

Great night, and I look forward to going back there in the future.


Col Bury said...

Sounds like your fanbase is growing, Matt. All that hard work (& travelling) is paying off.
Good stuff.

David Barber said...

Causing more workless days with your latest book,(A post on my blog). They will enjoy the book immensly.
Regards, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Cheers guys. Aye, it's a busy but enjoyable time.