Monday, 30 March 2009

Australian release date for DMD

News just in...

It looks like readers in Australia may get the first inhalation of Dead Men's Dust. The rumour is that Hachette Australia are planning on an April 23rd release date.

More news to follow as this is confirmed.

UK to be hit by Dust Storm

Hodder has announced that they are about to launch its "biggest fiction launch of 2009" with none other than Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton.

Most of you that have been following this blog know the basic premise, but Hodder editor Sue Fletcher said: "He's (Joe Hunter) a great action hero, he fights all the bad guys and is physically very fit. It (Dead Men's Dust) is a total page turner."

Hodder will focus its marketing on national lines, encompassing advertising on the London Underground posters, integrated ads in men's magazines and a major on-line campaign. The official website has already been launched, including a 'shoot 'em up' game and book trailer.

I will be a guest on Radio 4 "Open Book" and will appear at festivals including Harrogate Crime Writing festival, Crimefest in Bristol and Thrillerfest in New York.

Dead Men's Dust - the first of a five part series - is released in hardback in the UK on 14th May 2009 with the paperback edition published in October 2009 to coincide with the second hardback Judgement and Wrath.

Sue Fletcher said my books would appeal to readers of thriller writer Lee Child, who has had 13 novels published in his Jack Reacher series by Bantam.

To have my name mentioned in the same line as Lee's is a great honour.

The book you have to read

This is an article I did for The Rap Sheet about forgotten book WAR AGAINST THE MAFIA the first in Don Pendleton's Executioner: Mack Bolan series. Anyone who knows Mack might recognise his influence on me as a writer.

Thanks to J. Kingston Pierce for allowing me to submit my piece.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Joe Hunter is Big Down Under - Ooh-er, missus!

Just thought that I'd share this review with you all, written by Todd Griffiths, an influential publisher from Hachette Australia.

I'm about twenty pages shy of finishing Dead Men’s Dust and I’m loving it. It’s about a thousand times better than I expected from past dabbles in the genre. Joe is a complex three dimensional character and the way Hilton explores the subtle but crucial differences between a sociopathic killer who has killed many with pleasure and a conscience ridden soldier who has killed even more but with a troubled moral self is nuanced and insightful in a way that belies the brief brutal bursts of “Bourne...” movie violence that punctuate the book. I can’t imagine someone could read a book in this genre after reading this and not find “Dead Men’s Dust” a superior book in every important way.
Todd Griffiths
Hachette Australia

My whole-hearted thanks go to Todd for his inspiring words.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Update on Book Three

For those of you who have been following my on-going trials and tribulations, my highs and lows, my joy at being a soon to be published author, you'll be pleased to hear that I have finally delivered the completed manuscript of book three to my UK publisher, Hodder and Stoughton. We're at the stage of producing page proofs on the book - Slash and Burn - as we speak. Those of you that are already aware that I have had to undergo revisions of the book may be bored with this line, but my purpose is to remind budding authors how much hard work is really involved. But hey, the pay off is definitely worth the trouble. I'm indebted to all those who have helped me turn out a book worthy to follow Dead Men's Dust and Judgement and Wrath. Luigi, Alison, Sue, Swati and Alice, thank you all.

For those of you following this blog from an American perspective, rest assured that the work has been equally influenced by my US publishers, and I will be doing further re-writes in line with my editor, David, to get the books just right for the market at your end.

Hope you all enjoy the books as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

In the meantime: onwards and upwards with book 4. I'm forging ahead with the rough draft as we speak. It promises to be a thriller.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Col Bury at A Twist Of Noir

Budding crime novelist - and regular commentator here at this blog - Col Bury has had a short story 'Domestic Hated' featured over at crime/noir site A TWIST OF NOIR, where you will find other writers and some truly great short stories. Col is also a regular contributor (and now co-editor) to Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, the blog site I set up where budding crime/thriller/suspense/horror writers can showcase their short work and flash fiction.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

New Look US Cover with Chris Reich Endorsement

Joe Hunter's Fixers

I've started a new facebook page for all you Joe Hunter fans out there where you can swap stories about your favourite vigilante and comment on the books. Why not join up as a Fixer and spread the word to all your friends?

Book Launch update

Just choose Waterstone's Carlisle from the drop down list and away you go.

Hi all, this is the link to the event at Waterstone's Carlisle where you can read about the upcoming launch of my book, DEAD MEN'S DUST.

There is a typo that should be fixed by the time you take a look. The launch is taking place Wednesday 13th May (not 14th as currently stated).

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Another mention at The Rap Sheet

Some of you may have seen this before, but over at the Rap Sheet an interview I did with Col Bury has been given a mention and link. If you missed Col's interview first time round, here's your chance to take a look at it now. Col (not Cory as mentioned in the link) is an aspiring crime novelist and co-edits my sister blog Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers. Some of Col's short stories -as well as others by some equally inventive writers - can be read over at TK'N'C at

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Facebook group - Joe Hunter's Fixers

Hi all,
just set up a facebook group celebrating everything Joe Hunter. Why not take a look and join up as one of Joe Hunter's Fixers?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cumbria Life meets Joe Hunter

Watch out for an upcoming article in Cumbria Life magazine (May Issue on sale 24th April 2009) featuring your favourite vigilante, Joe Hunter, and his creator, author Matt Hilton (that would be me by the way).

The title link above will take you to the current online edition, but be sure to look back for the May edition.

New site at Harper Collins

My US publishers William Morrow & Co (Harper Collins) have set up a new website for me at the above link. I think it looks great. Why not take a look over there and learn a few tidbits about me you might not otherwise know?

US readers can also pre-order copies of my book there.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

DMD endorsed on Lee Child forum

Now here's a short endorsement I didn't expect - but gratefully accept. It comes from 'Maggie' the webmaven over at Lee Child's website/forum in a comment thread. Maggie is obviously infinitely familiar with Jack Reacher and loves the books of Lee Child, so this is a huge smile inducer for me.

This is what Maggie the webmaven says:

Coming out the same day as GONE TOMORROW is Matt Hilton's Dead Man's Dust. I think y'all gonna like this one a lot. First in a series. His hero, Joe Hunter, is a apple off of Reacher's tree (that sturdy oak :).

Short, sweet and succinct. Thank you Maggie.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Dead Men's Dust gets mention at The Rap Sheet

Book Launch - Waterstone's Carlisle Wednesday 13th May 2009

It's official, I've got a date, time and location for my book launch.

18.30 - 20.30

and everyone's invited.

This is an unusual move apparently, because debut authors don't generally get the opportunity to launch in their home town. However, due to the support and enthusiasm I've been shown by friends and family I feel I owe them all and am therefore holding drinks and nibbles and a book signing opportunity for all those attending and purchasing the book on the night (special signing is also available - please ask).

My thanks go to Simon, Leni and everyone else involved.

A further 'official' launch will be held in London the following day and I will be going to various stores to do stock signing and also to see some of the sites. There's going to be a huge tube station publicity campaign which I can't wait to see.

Only 60 days to go!!

Wow, does that feel good. 15 months ago I thought that I'd never see the day.

Keep on keeping on

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Joe Hunter Online

Hello All,

Just wanted to announce that there is another website where you can go to enjoy everything that's JOE HUNTER.

The site has been developed by Hodder and Stoughton and is now online. There you can see the vid, play the game and learn everything about my upcoming books all in one handy location.

Why not take a look see at

but don't stop visiting my own website at where you can find other stuff - with new stuff coming soon.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

My First Panel

Thursday evening found me in Borders Book shop at the Team Valley shopping park at Gateshead in the north-east. I was in the company of Sheila Quigley (Seahills mysteries) and Lee Weeks (The Trafficked), having met them both in Durham earlier.
I wasn't expecting to sell any books because - well, quite frankly, I didn't have any to sell yet - however it was a great night still. OK, so the crowds didn't turn up in force, but those that did come were interested in what we had to say and asked enough questions to fill an hour and a half. Special hello to Tony and Tula, writers in their own right, who I really enjoyed meeting.
Thanks also to the team at Borders for making me welcome (and for the coffee that hit just the right spot).

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Johnny Scott

Just wanted to give a nod to musician Johnny Scott (AKA my older brother John) who is a writer in his own right. The difference being Johnny is a musician and song writer. If you care to take a listen to some of his work, see the second (lowest down) video bar on this page.
By the way, that's Johnny in the centre of the photo doing his 'Buddy Holly' tribute act.

Monday, 2 March 2009

My First review - Woohoo!

To read the first review of Dead Men's Dust click on the link above. I am overjoyed.

Update in no particular order

Things are ticking along towards publication now, and if I've to be honest I'm beginning to experience those small flutterings of nerves. It's one thing writing a book, quite another getting it accepted for publication, and then there's the hard work that goes into publicising and ultimately selling the book.

My 5 book deal was widely publicised at the time, but that was almost a year ago that the story broke. In the meantime I've been doing my bit to keep the book in peoples' minds, paying careful attention not to over do it. There has to be something left to be said prior to or just after publication or no one will want to listen.
I am about to step up to the publicity trail now and have a number of forthcoming dates entered into my diary.

I'm in London and Gateshead this week.
There's a writer coming from Cumbria Life to do a piece on me shortly.
I've an article written by my good friend Adrian Magson appearing shortly in Writing Magazine. BBC radio and TV calling, as are the local media and newspapers. Come May I'll be in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Oh, and Carlisle.
Watch for me in the reviews and in magazines and for my book displayed on bus shelters and in the tube stations etc.

This is just the start.

I'm going to Crimefest, Thrillerfest, and the Harrogate Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. I'm doing a signing alongside Sophie Hannah in June.

I just hope all of this manages to sell a few copies of my book!