Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New site at Harper Collins


My US publishers William Morrow & Co (Harper Collins) have set up a new website for me at the above link. I think it looks great. Why not take a look over there and learn a few tidbits about me you might not otherwise know?

US readers can also pre-order copies of my book there.


Col Bury said...

Checked it out at work last night. You're in good company there, Matt. It offers the readers clues to your personality which helps them know you a bit better so you're not just a name on a book.
Didn't know you were Cumbrian champ? Nice one.

Matt Hilton said...

Yeah, 2000 open weight champ. Got a bronze in a bare knuckle comp in Nottingham as well, back in 96. Scary stuff, but felt I needed to test myself at the time. That was then and this is now, though. I'm retired. The warrior poet leaning more on the pen than the sword these days.