Monday, 2 March 2009

My First review - Woohoo!

To read the first review of Dead Men's Dust click on the link above. I am overjoyed.


Col Bury said...

Just what you were waiting for, eh Matt? Excellent. But your next book - Judgement and 'Worth?' Doesn't she mean Wrath!?
Yours critically,
The Proof Reader!

Amit said...

"At its most basic level, civilization shares one undeniable truth: the scream of a victim sounds the same the world over.”
That quote gets a lot of attention and i must say its the one thing i read which made me keep reading when i first read about your books Matt. Its a stellar statement and hooks u straight in...that always gets me about wrote on cracking sentance and in my head ive got some seriously messed up serial killer in my head...
Great review!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks guys. It was great to read this (calmed some of the nerves).
Judgement and Wrath it is - just a typo from the readers end I guess. The book she read was the USA version and they might change the title - hence I'm not sure that people over there are talking much about it.
Thanks Amit: little secret time. Those words were a bit of an add on I did to the first chapter just to give the reader a sense of place and what the book was about. I'm so glad I did now as it has been much quoted and actually helped sell the book. First paragraphs are very important.