Monday, 2 March 2009

Update in no particular order

Things are ticking along towards publication now, and if I've to be honest I'm beginning to experience those small flutterings of nerves. It's one thing writing a book, quite another getting it accepted for publication, and then there's the hard work that goes into publicising and ultimately selling the book.

My 5 book deal was widely publicised at the time, but that was almost a year ago that the story broke. In the meantime I've been doing my bit to keep the book in peoples' minds, paying careful attention not to over do it. There has to be something left to be said prior to or just after publication or no one will want to listen.
I am about to step up to the publicity trail now and have a number of forthcoming dates entered into my diary.

I'm in London and Gateshead this week.
There's a writer coming from Cumbria Life to do a piece on me shortly.
I've an article written by my good friend Adrian Magson appearing shortly in Writing Magazine. BBC radio and TV calling, as are the local media and newspapers. Come May I'll be in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Oh, and Carlisle.
Watch for me in the reviews and in magazines and for my book displayed on bus shelters and in the tube stations etc.

This is just the start.

I'm going to Crimefest, Thrillerfest, and the Harrogate Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. I'm doing a signing alongside Sophie Hannah in June.

I just hope all of this manages to sell a few copies of my book!


Amit said...

I can imagine its gotta be thoroughly nerve racking. Guess you HAVE to remind yourself Matt that you wouldnt have got the deal unless the books kicked ass and clearly your agent / publisher / has a great deal of faith in you and these ppl have been doing this stuff for years. Gotta keep focusing on the good omens. Am sure your book will do well - ive told all my fellow crime / thriller enthusiasts about it and they are looking forward to it as well. Have you got a facebook site? Just another good way to get publicity?
Will see you in Harrogate at the crime festival... beers on me mate. didnt get where you are by worked your ass off for it and only talent in this world gets rewarded....amen.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks very much for the extremely kind words Amit. I've posted elsewhere about a review I've just got from a major reviewer at Armchair Interviews - stuff like this surely helps calm the jitters, as do your supportive words. hey, thanks for spreading the word and I look forward to meeting you at Harrogate. I'll get the second round in, eh?