Friday, 13 March 2009

Book Launch - Waterstone's Carlisle Wednesday 13th May 2009

It's official, I've got a date, time and location for my book launch.

18.30 - 20.30

and everyone's invited.

This is an unusual move apparently, because debut authors don't generally get the opportunity to launch in their home town. However, due to the support and enthusiasm I've been shown by friends and family I feel I owe them all and am therefore holding drinks and nibbles and a book signing opportunity for all those attending and purchasing the book on the night (special signing is also available - please ask).

My thanks go to Simon, Leni and everyone else involved.

A further 'official' launch will be held in London the following day and I will be going to various stores to do stock signing and also to see some of the sites. There's going to be a huge tube station publicity campaign which I can't wait to see.

Only 60 days to go!!

Wow, does that feel good. 15 months ago I thought that I'd never see the day.

Keep on keeping on


Amit said...

Fantastic news. Really pleased for you. It is not often (if ever i can remember actually) that a debut writer was given such support and publicity and i think its a breath of fresh air. Too often we get caught up in the negativity of the publishing world (I've had my own tantrum this week which im glad to say im over and rocketing with book 2) but your tale of zero to hero (mind the pun) reminds us all it can be done. Put the hard graft in, beleive in what you do and pray for that little bit of luck! Enjoy the calm before the storm mate, am sure its gonna be a hell of a journey!

Matt Hilton said...

I'm sure you are right, Amit. Good to hear that you're back on track.