Saturday, 21 March 2009

Book Launch update

Just choose Waterstone's Carlisle from the drop down list and away you go.

Hi all, this is the link to the event at Waterstone's Carlisle where you can read about the upcoming launch of my book, DEAD MEN'S DUST.

There is a typo that should be fixed by the time you take a look. The launch is taking place Wednesday 13th May (not 14th as currently stated).


Col Bury said...

Bloomineck, Matt. It's really happening for you! Getting close, too. Didn't realise you had to do a talk as well (oh no!). Work & family commitments mean I'll sadly miss your big day, but if the queue stretches all the way down the M6 to Manchester then maybe they could pass me a copy!!!

Matt Hilton said...

If the queue stretches as far as the front door, I'll be more than a happy man! I appreciate that not everyone can be there (two of my brothers can't make it as they're out of the country and a lot of my old work colleagues are on shifts). But never mind, I'm sure I'll catch up with everyone over time and will sign their copies for them.