Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The latest news...

For those of you who don't know where I've been the past couple of weeks, I was in Gran Canaria on a badly timed annual holiday. This came about having booked a family vacation but then having the publication date of CUT AND RUN moved forward to mid-August. I've been on pins while also trying to enjoy my hols, hoping that CUT AND RUN will go OK due to the staggered dates that the book has been/will be launched on. The official publication date was 19th August and the book is now on general sale in the UK (sorry but it will be 1st October for my friends out in OZ and NZ) although I'm not officially 'launching' the book until 7.30 pm this Friday (27th) at the newly restored New Bookshop, in Cockermouth. I chose the New Bookshop, as it has recently risen anew from the devastating floods that raged through the town last November and also took the life of an ex-colleague of mine when a bridge he was directing members of the public off collapsed. I have blogged about the floods in the past and there are also some horrific photographs of when the waters raged through the bookshop. I'm happy to say that the new shop is beautiful. I hope some of my friends will come along.

In my 'hometown' of Carlisle I'll be doing a signing session at 12.30 on Saturday 4th September at my usual location of Waterstones on Scotch Street. Hopefully some of my readers will hold off purchasing copies of the book until then (so it isn't a complete washout), but if you feel you really must and can't wait (fingers crossed) the book is already on sale in the neighbouring Bookends, and at the supermarkets.

I look forward to seeing you along the way.

For my USA launch of JUDGMENT AND WRATH, alas I can't make it across until Bouchercon in October, however, if you're an early riser, you can hear me talk live this coming Friday 27th at 6.45 AM EST on Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones' show from the Paradise Radio Network.


Sue H said...

I managed to get Amazon to play nicely and had a copy of Cut & Run in my hot little hands by 20th August - but so far have restrained myself to keep it for the Bank Holiday weekend! :-)

I hope your 'official' launch goes well, just sorry I can't be there.

Maybe for the next one......

Dean Crawford said...

Very best of luck with the launch mate, hope Cut & Run races off the shelves in a frenzy!! :o)

Matt Hilton said...

Hope CAR keeps you entertained Sue and you have a great weekend.

And, yeah, hope the next launch suits everyone a little more.

Cheers Dean, you and me both, mate.