Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cut and Run launch - Update and extra date for your diary

I will be holding an official launch for the fourth Joe Hunter thriller - CUT and RUN - 7.30 pm on Friday 27th August 2010  at:

The New Bookshop
42-44 Main Street,

It will be a more intimate affair than the launches I've held previously, but will include a short talk, Q and A and 'crime quiz' where you can win a signed edition of a Joe Hunter book of your choice - including the brand new hardback.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

As an adendum, The new Bookshop was severely damaged in last November's floods and only recently reopened, fully refurbished and looking beautiful (see a previous entry at this blog for phototas of the devastation). Even if you can't make it on the night and you are a book lover, it's worth having a trip out there.

And don't forget I'll be at Guisborough bookshop, 7pm Wednesday 1st Sept and at Whitby bookshop at 7pm Thursday 2nd Sept and then will be doing a signing session between 12.30 and 2 pm at Waterstones, Scotch Street, carlisle on Saturday 4th September.


Sue H said...

Hope it goes well, Matt. Sadly I can't make it! :-(

Dean Crawford said...

Good luck with the launch mate, hope it goes well!

Sue H said...

....and just to show there are no hard feelings about not being there - I've given you an award:


Michael Malone said...

Hey matt, any news of you visiting Scotland?

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Michael,
would love to come to Scotland (so if you know any venues who'd like me give me a nod). It's my ancestral home after all - I'm Blairgowrie born if not bred.

Michael Malone said...

I used t work at the local bookshop here in Ayr, I could speak to the manager to see how their event programme is?

Matt Hilton said...

Sounds like a plan, Michael.

please drop me an email at matthiltonbooks@live.co.uk