Saturday, 28 August 2010


I would like to thank everyone who turned up at last night's launch of the fourth high octane Joe Hunter book - CUT AND RUN - and for making it such an enjoyable event for me. I'd also like to thank Catherine and Steve of the New Bookshop in Cockermouth for hosting the event, and also Leni and Jack for the behind the scenes work to ensure everything went smoothly.

Here is a short gallery of pics from the event. Thanks to Mike Faulkner for his sterling efforts.


Sue H said...
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Sue H said...

I'm sure the launch went with a bang, Matt! Just sorry I couldn't be a part of it this time :-(

However, I have my copy of 'C&R' in my hot little hands (showing great restraint to save it for a Bank Holiday weekend treat) and I've spent a couple of hours in the company of Mr Hunter and his cohorts this afternoon and have read the first 100 pages - pacing myself, I want to savour this!

Have to say it doesn't fail to thrill, mate!

(I'll give a better feedback when I've turned the final page - in the meantime I'm filing away the bits about Maine and I think I shall be looking over my shoulder when I visit said State in couple of weeks time..... !)

Lee Hughes said...

Congrats on a great launch, though I bet your audience thought the same as me, "It's his fourth book, could've given his shirt a once over with an iron." ;o)

Lee Hughes said...

Actually, it does look like it's had a once over with an iron - a seven iron.

Looking forward to reading it, and see how he 'fixes' his latest problem.

Lily Childs said...

Glad the launch went well Matt, and great to see a decent-sized audience.

Assuming the photos show you reading excerpts just wondered whether you've got an audio recordings of that? It would be cool for the wider public to hear the 'author's voice'. Just a thought.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Sue,
I hope you're having a good bank holiday and that CAR keeps you entertained throughout?

Lee, what's an iron? LOL. I had enough of ironing shirts when I was a cop. Just take the rumples in the later photos as evidence of how energetic I was during the reading (you miss me playing out the action scenes as the shutter speed on Mr Faulkner's camera couldn't keep up with me. By the end of the night I ended up in a stained white vest ala Bruce 'Die hard' Willis.

Hi Lily, there isn't an audio recording from this gig, but good idea. Might do something along those lines and post them at my website.

Sue H said...

Matt - further to Lily's comment - didn't you have a recording of an interview you did at a Lit. Fest. in the Lake District(?) a while back.......? I seem to remember the dulcet Cumbrian tones ;-)

Matt Hilton said...

See my latest post The Doctor Is in for my most recent radio interview.

And you're right Sue. There's a couple interviews on Youtube with me. Words by the Water and Thrillerfest.

Col Bury said...

Glad it went well, mate. Sorry I couldn't make this one.
Ps. Sensible shirt!