Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Judgment and Wrath out today in the USA!

Hi all
I'm on the annual hols at the moment so please forgive the lack of communication from this end ... Nevertheless I thought it pertinent to lay off the sun tanning and sangria to announce that Judgment and Wrath hits the bookshelves of the USA today! I'll be raising a glass or two in celebration tonight. Speak to you all again real soon


Lee Hughes said...

*Cough* he meant bi-annual hols, but he works hard enough for us to let him off ;)

Col Bury said...

It should go down a treat across the Big Pond.

Enjoy yer hols, bud.

David Barber said...

Matt, you've left your 'baby' with those two? Jeez! :-)

It'll go great guns over there mate. Now, get back to the sangria!

Dean Crawford said...

Great news Matt, I'm sure it'll go down a storm in the US! Enjoy the hols!